Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bondi 8am – sweet fun ones
Joy morning. Nice little shoulder to head high clean waves rolling inconsistently
into the bay this morning. Large lulls giving you time between sets to
soak up the sunshine. Winds are offshore and the water is still supremo
20 degrees. It’s bigger and cleaner than yesterday…not smokin’ (bit
fat at times, lacking real grunt), but fun. Another sunny 21 degree day
on the land, 9:15am full tide, 2.35pm low tide. Winds will swing around
NE this afternoon. Prediction is for a few waves in Sydney on the weekend.
(head high from east, with northern/east winds).

Bondi – Heaps of crew are getting their cars broken into
in the mornings whilst surfing. Take your key with you (most wetties have
loop that hold your key). The old ‘Secret key in the wheel’ chestnut is
being observed by multiple bogan thieves hungry to rummage thru your hotrod.

Soul Riders on tonight – North Bondi RSL 7:30pm
Come down to North Bondi RSL to watch a couple of classic vintage skatey
movies “Wheels of Fire”(1980) and “Downhill Motion”

Surfshorts 2006 – surf film competition
Panasonic and the Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival are calling
all entries for the 2006 Panasonic Surf Shorts. Hit the cameras to create
your 7 minute flick. competition $10000 prize money up for grabs! More

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