Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bondi 7am – waist high, super
clean, offshore winds

Its pretty small, around ya waist, sometimes bigger, clean…large lulls
in between some fun ones. 2 distinct peaks, middle and south both semi
working – quite weak & soft. A left in the middle was the pick with
a large pack of mals sniffin’ out the odd set wave. Winds will swing NE
later in the day…wouldn’t be a bad time to pick off a couple. Similar
size for the next couple of days, perhaps a hint of improvement tomorrow
at beaches facing south. High tide 8:30am, Low tide 1:55pm, deluxo 20
degree water and 21 degrees and sunny on land. This great weather continues
for the next 4 days…5 more degrees hotter and we could all pens down
and hit the beach.

Aquabumps Photo-art Exhibition – Final week
Drop by Underwater Australia Gallery to see the Aquabumps Photo-art exhibition
which will be open until 11th June. 1 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, Telephone
02-9387 6180 or see preview
. All works are for sale.

Six Ounce Board Store
Ben Lucas has started a board store out the back of Bondi specialising
in finely tuned twinnies + single fins as well as all your standard shorty’s
+ mals. Classic sprays – retro shapes a plenty – works of art. Telephone
9300 8339, Shop 2/144 Glenayr Ave Bondi Beach. SixOunceSite

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