Monday, June 06, 2005

Bondi 7am – waist to shoulder, its
been better

Today’s surf ain’t much to froth about. Especially incomparison with last
weeks solid sessions. How goooood was last Friday and Saturday? Hope you
scored. Today we’ve got waist to shoulder high waves in the middle on
a left hand bank. Lacking grunt, most waves were surfable but pretty cruisy
and suited to mals/fishes. Great weather…High tide 7:45am, Low tide
1:18pm, water 20 degrees, Max land temp. 21 degrees fine and sunny with
light winds. Next swell due at the end of the week – not much until then.

Have to say the light this morning was ‘best ever’ (around
7am – 7:15am). Never seen it so gold. You couldn’t take a bad shot this
morning (shot over 100 in half hour). No colour added to these shots.
No tricky photoshop work. No filters…just a really big mutha lens pointing
into the sun.

Aquabumps is heading north to Indonesia on a boat next week Yeeow. You’ll
be getting intermittent reports some of the most perfect waves on the
globe via satellite connection (if all goes well on the boat technically).
Don’t suppose anyone has a Canon
fixed length lens F2.8 IS USM lying
around that I can borrow for 2 weeks in indo? C’mon best buddy pals…Contact

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