Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ugly morning. Saw 1 person on Bondi running in the rain – no one surfing. Heavy rain, dark thick grey skies with howling easterly wind at 35 knots. The good news is that this storm has kicked up some swell. It’s not rideable yet due to onshore conditions…but tomorrow afternoon and Saturday look like a different story. Start waxing up…expect head high waves today building to double head high tomorrow.

BOM predict W/NW change on Friday with rain clearing, and moderate to fresh West winds on Saturday (perfect direction, hopefully not too strong). High tide 3:45pm, Low tide 9:15am.

Could barely get a decent shot of anything in between showers this morning. So yup more Indo delights.

33South are having a monster sale at their Oxford Street Store in Paddo. Everything is $29.99!

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