Friday, July 01, 2005

In stark contrast to yesterday’s torrential rain, today we’re
blessed with clear skies and gentle offshore breezes making for
a good surf day. Bondi had some decent waves rolling into the bay,
the southern end was larger and wilder than the tame lefts in the
northern corner. Very few crew out – fun to be had. I would
throw a couple of boards in the back of the wagon, crank the stezza
and roll up at a deserted out of town break which is breaking a
bit more predictable than Bondee. High tide 4:40pm, Low tide 10am,
NW winds with a maximum land temp of 19 degrees. Tomorrow looks
great, but this swell is not hanging around for long. Bit of a one
day wonder…

is back for this year. Yup, Maddoggie is pumping out reports once
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