Tuesday, 21st June

Hola. Having minimal contact with the outside world I don’t
really know what’s happening at Bondi (or the rest of the world
for that matter). Over here in Indonesia we scored today. The promised
swell arrived at a 150 metre left hander. 6 foot on the larger sets,
4 foot for most of the day – some big fat shacks on offer. Lethal
sharp inside section claimed a few causalities on the low tide –
not making the end section can be a painful experience. Cross shore
winds caused havoc before glassing off around 4pm. Best waves of
the trip so far and it looks like tomorrow is going to be a cracker.
Got some mega shots today. Seeyyoou ::uge

PS – we’re not getting email on
the boat (Satellite connection = mega $$$)…so if you have questions
or reply to this email it won’t be read until later this month.

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