Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bondi 7am – workable peaks a plenty, little straight
Greetings on this frosty morning. We’ve got clean head high waves under perfectly clear skies and an artic offshore breeze. Bondi has several peaks working, most of which had close out sections. Perhaps with more water, towards the high tide it may improve. Low tide 10:43 High tide 17:09. Water is still a deluxe 20 degrees but the 8 degree morning land temp is enough to cause some pain running up to the car park wet. Tomorrow looks like fun with NW winds and a small increase in swell size – yeeeow. Saturday will still have a few, but Sunday will be micro. Haven’t shot in the water lately because of a flu…I’m back…hard to get into position today, fair bit of water moving in the south.

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Kelly Slater won the GLOBE FIJI WCT event yesterday against CJ Hobgood in the final. Surf looked epic! more info


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