We've got a big tree washed up at Bondi today


Bondi is a mess in and out of the water. There’s heaps of storm debris littered along our shoreline. A huge tree also washed up yesterday, haven’t seen that before. I visited a few of my regular Eastern Suburbs beaches this morning, the surf looked very messy, onshore and uninviting. Since my morning shoot, it […]

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What? Good waves in the harbour? Yes, yesterday!

Harbour Surfing

Wow, that was a wild weekend! That rain dance worked, ’cause torrential rain floods our dry town. Combine the wet with gale-force winds and 10-foot waves you’ve got some interesting conditions. Yesterday: totally howling onshore at Bondi, if you sought refuge in the harbour you would have scored offshore, good overhead waves with 1,000 others. […]

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Launching out on Bunnies Reef, Bronte

ūüźá Bunny Boilers

The swell peaked last night, and we’re now on the way down. I thought it was going to be bigger today, it was just a nice chunky swell,¬†4 maybe 6¬†foot on sets. The only surfable waves were Bronte, Coogee or Maroubra. Bondi was a pigsty.¬† Winds SSW 20-25 knots. Rain? yep. Intermittent. This Thursday (12th […]

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A hint of light at 6:45am this morning on Ben Buckler, Bondi


We’re all in the wrong state of Australia, this morning, we need to be in Queensland. Noosa has pumping waves right now, and I’m talking tubes. Heaps of ’em! Get in before the storm. Tomorrow, I’m happy to be down here in Sydney as TC Oma¬†could hit the Queensland coastline with 40-50 knot winds and […]

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Storm brewing


Dark morning with heaps of low cloud. The surf looked a lot cleaner today but I didn’t see many good surfable waves – I reckon the 8:26 am high tide was killing it. Lower tides should be more fruitful. Like now (11:37 am as I tap out these fine words). Cooking ain’t really my thing […]

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Sometimes there's a ripbowl in front of this sign, not today


Today’s one of those days where you can’t quite make out what’s going to happen. It’s volatile. I’ve visited the beach a few times, and it has always been something different. This morning, I sat around in the darkness, waiting for some light to shoot. There¬†were waves, but even the ocean looks confused between a […]

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Lefthanders at Tama


We’ve got a full-blown Nor-east swell in Sydney so you’ll barely see anything show up at South facing Bondi Beach. Bondi fancies a south swell. Around the corner, at Tamarama, there were some fat lumps that broke earlier today, but Tama hates the high tide – and it’s really a mal wave when it’s full. […]

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Well…this storm currently lashing Sydney has plenty to it, doesn’t it? It’s been raining a lot lately with gale force winds. These storms are fruitless for surfers…the wind is just too strong and few surf spots are protected enough. Today is a great day to collect brownie points and get some work done. Should you […]

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She’s hell stormy outside. Gale force winds ripping through Sydney…nearly blew my camera out of my hands down the beach (that’s a first). The ‘surf’ is one big lump of white wash. I would head over to Manly if you wanna surf today. Billabong Pro Tahiti just kicked off. It’s solid! Woohoo ::uge

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What a good start to the day‚Ķthe small waves continue and the sunshine is abundant. This will all change tomorrow when rain arrives and a thumpin‚Äô new south swell. Super windy on Saturday afternoon (and big) but next week should be fun when it all calms down. The unstoppable Slater just won Fiji WCT tour […]

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Bondi Chunks

This must be the 50 year storm that Bodhi (Point Break) has been talking about. Sydney was turned upside down last night. Roofs ripped off, garage doors flying down the street, trees blown over and the emergency services have been working through the night. Even Gould Street Bondi has been closed for 14 hours as […]

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Well look at that…an Aquabumps update being posted out at 3pm. Now that‚Äôs late. Back in the old days that used to be a common occurrence before we became the well-oiled machine that we are today. Where have I been? Well I found myself wondering the streets of the city around 9am, wearing a collar […]

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In between rain squalls I took some photos down the beach this morning. Sometimes I only got 10 minutes reprieve to stick a lens out and try and some snap some gold for you. One of those downpours was like standing under a water fall. Heavy. My car is sparkling clean though‚Ķwith all that crusty […]

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