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What a good start to the day…the small waves continue and the sunshine is abundant. This will all change tomorrow when rain arrives and a thumpin’ new south swell. Super windy on Saturday afternoon (and big) but next week should be fun when it all calms down.

The unstoppable Slater just won Fiji WCT tour stop. He’s surfing better than ever…wow

Have a good day : : u g e

P.S. I’m out of the water for 4-6 weeks with this freakin’ torn hammy, just cancelled a Mentawai trip…so things can only get better from here!

Off to work

Not suitable for drinking

Two pair

Smudge rights

Shadow joggers

The golden peak, Bondi

The Astra and morning surf group

Nice right aye?

5 thoughts on “C A L M

  1. If you haven’t already get an ultrasound done and take it to your Physio so they can give you a good assessment & time frame for hammy recovery. Patience and physio exercise are the keys. When they say 4-6 weeks that usually means a couple more weeks than that – especially to get back up to speed on the board.

    Good luck with the recovery though!

  2. Great colours in #40137 “Off to work”. Any truth to the rumour Ricky Martin and family are staying in that building while in Sydney?

    PS. Thought you might be miserable in Mentawais in the condition you’re in. Speedy recovery.

  3. wow, off to work is a great shot. quite architectural though. Or it looks like a movie still: the big smoke is watching you…
    Hope you recover soon!

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