Sunrise waves at Bondi this morning, 6:45am


Sorry about the late update, been a little hectic at Aquabumps HQ.

If you’re a new reader of Aquabumps due to our recent exposure – WELCOME (and these updates usually arrive around 10am, promise, swear, for real).

This morning was the calm before the storm…glassy conditions, waist high waves, sometimes bigger…nothing magical. A little bit of colour in the sunrise early, but now we have rain.

On Friday we’ve got some swell coming…

Seeya tomorrow :: u g e

Too the left...left...

Bondi 7am, small, but still fun!

Gold lining

There's still the odd fine left, Bondi

Morning light shorey, Bondi 7am

7 thoughts on “S H R I N K

  1. For years I received the Aquabumps email every day without fail and it was a high point in each day. I now receive it about once every 3 or 4 weeks. I just presumed that you had decided to not issue the blog on a regular basis. Is there any reason why I wouldn’t get it every day?

    1. Hi Tim, I send updates every weekday.

      I reckon it is spam filters blocking us occasionally.

      add to your address book, white list us, reply to a few emails (just saying test) and we should get a better strike rate

    2. Tim Slessor???? this wouldn’t happen to be Tim Slessor from the UK??? If so where you at? Be good to get in touch.

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