She’s hell stormy outside. Gale force winds ripping through Sydney…nearly blew my camera out of my hands down the beach (that’s a first).

The ‘surf’ is one big lump of white wash. I would head over to Manly if you wanna surf today.

Billabong Pro Tahiti just kicked off. It’s solid! Woohoo


Bondi Bathers Club

Storm water, unsurfable around Bondi

No duzzas

Jed's wall

All you need

Blaxland Court

Bondi Republic

Sand blasted ramp


That's Lee. He loves it when it's stormy.

6 thoughts on “Stormborn

  1. You know the surf is shite when Uge posts shots of the pavilion…and the signage…and local graffiti! Totally f****d up weather this week…cold and windy. Wait for spring, just around the corner.

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