Conditions are pretty wild here in Sydney. The swell has kicked and there are 6 footers on the loose.

The swell looks disorganised. The howling winds not helping. A couple of little protected corners would be good today…not unreal. Not like Teahuppo was yesterday. Oh man…what a day of surfing. I am kicking myself I am not there to shoot it. Love that place.

Chopes is on hold right now. Watch updates

Adios :: Ugios

Blake Thornton, reo

Fluoro Grom


Maroubra, solid, chunky left


Blake Thornton, standing tall through a back hand whip

Will, shoulder

2 thoughts on “Wildlings

  1. Uge, did you notice how much sand has been there at the Bra north end? It covered the rocks and most of the pipe almost completing the beach – haven’t seen it like that before. Maybe this swell might wash a lot back out. Anyone else notice? Love the Wildlings shot and Thornton reo…

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