We’re all in the wrong state of Australia, this morning, we need to be in Queensland. Noosa has pumping waves right now, and I’m talking tubes. Heaps of ’em! Get in before the storm.

Tomorrow, I’m happy to be down here in Sydney as TC Oma could hit the Queensland coastline with 40-50 knot winds and giant surf. With 14-foot waves forecasted I don’t think the superbank will handle it (unless you’re a hellman with a ski). It seems these vicious, ferocious storms are following me around the planet. (Read my post from a very stormy Hawaii last week).

Tropical Cyclone paths are hard to predict, no one really knows what will happen, so roll the dice, it could be cranking or a complete washout up there in Queensland. Really depends on which way Oma spins.

Interestingly, Tropical Cyclones only develop over warm oceans where the surface temperatures are in excess of 27 degrees. That’s why they dissipate when they hit land or move too south over cooler waters. (My 7-year-old actually taught me this at breakky – he will be writing the daily posts soon).

Back to Bondi where it’s incredibly less exciting as I shot a gloomy, dark, 2 foot onshore sloppy day. Boo.

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The old Bondi


Clouds lighting up, for a sec


Bondi SLSC


Frothing grommets


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