Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bondi 7am – very small early, but getting betterPrediction is for a hot muggy day in Sydney – with a mega maximum temperature of 42 degrees. Surf looked smaller, yet more sorted than yesterday. At 7am there were large lulls and the occasional waist to chest high set servicing an early large crowd. Nothing exciting – good for a splash about. When I left the beach it appeared to have improved in consistency – and I reckon around lunch would be ok. Wind: N/NW 10/15 knots increasing to 20/30 knots in the afternoon and evening. High tide 10:59 Low tide 17:49. Wed/Thurs looks pretty boring surfwise, Friday has an improvement. pray for swell.

Karlos and his new digi camera checked out round 2 off Miss Bondi held last Saturday at the Beach Road Hotel. Check out the pics. Round 3 is on this Sat at the BRH.
Jamie Webb down at Bondi Social invites you for dinner Tuesday – Sunday from 5:50pm and lunch Friday through Sunday from 11:30am. Mention you’re an aquabumps subscriber when making your reservation and receive 10% off Sunday to Thursday. Also, Orphans should book now for our Christmas day lunch. [email protected]

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Bondi 7am – waist to shoulder high, playful.How good was da weekend? Perfect summer weather, south swell and offshores…rool noice. After a short south change last night, this morning has cleared up to produce small fun waves and a roasting hot day. Today 30 degrees and a scorching’ 42 degrees tomorrow.

South Bondi had a weak waist to shoulder high wave suitable for a play around. Looked a little fat and junky at times, nonetheless is a beach day so who cares. The 10:21 high tide doin’ no favors at Bondee. Time for a day off me thinks…(yeah right – dreamin’)
SMH reports 40,000 people down at Bondi yesterday. Thankfully a few of us headed out of town on the weekend in search of uncrowded waves and scored. View pics
Now you can take your ipod swimming with ya – what tha? More info
Enjoy this hot day…get wet.

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Bondi 7am – junky onshore over head highThe gusty southerly winds continue this morning making ruins of a solid swell. It’s pretty bumpy and chunky, like the last few days. Once the winds calm down there should be wave on offer. Nothing special.

Bondi Tsunami – a film about four young Japanese surfers touring Australia’s east coast in their 1961 EK Holden – has been called the first cult classic of this century. View Website
Here are some of the photo labs that people have emailed in: Pixelperfect in Chippendale, Platinum Imaging on oxford street, Super Lab ph: 92643261, phototechnica in Chippendale, The lab in wooloomooloo, Photo King in Randwick, Pix photo media, VISION GRAPHICS in Redfern, Digimax.
Have a great day…::ugio

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Bondi 7am – full on onshore, mega messy head highThe south winds are howling this morning. Thought it was calming down last night – but nope! Bondi was mega messy and onshore at 7am. Waves got up around head high on sets.

Quite a few crew out sniffin’ the odd bumpy chunk. Your board might blow out of your hands before hitting the water. Swell is still coming from the south east…directly into Bondi. You’re probably looking at my shots thinking it looks pretty good – just goes to show how a couple of good surfers can tear even a bumpy mess apart. Any little hint of a pocket and these boys will throw a huge turn in there.
My call – only if you’re really keen or bored. Swell should hang around tomorrow and drop on Friday. Wind: S/SE 15/20 knots, reaching 20/25 knots offshore in the morning, easing to 10/15 knots in the evening. High tide 07:22 Low tide 13:46
Thanks for all the suggestions of photo labs – really appreciate it.
Don’t forget live music at Ruby Rabit tonight. Doors open at 7pm and drinks are on the house from 7pm to 8pm. Tonight’s bands – Andy Bull and Sienna.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Bondi 6:15am – well over head high on sets, onshore and messyHola! At first glance it looked ridiculously ugly down at Bondi this morning with howling onshore winds mashn’ up the south swells. After watching it for a little while, I concluded it was quite surfable. Large head high++ chunks breaking right out the back with sucky little left walls further on the inside. Majority of waves were angry froth balls, but every now and then something surfable would roll in. Today is the peak of the swell before a gradual decline into Friday. So if you don’t mind onshore chunky mess – it’s surfable. Otherwise wait until the wind dies down.

Strong Wind Warning Tuesday until midnight: Wind: S/SE 20/25 knots, reaching 25/30 knots offshore at first, easing to 15/25 knots throughout by late morning or early afternoon. High tide 06:42 Low tide 12:57 High tide 18:53.
Got any plans for New Years Eve? Poggy and his mob from the Wonderland Parties are throwing a NYE party at the Hakoah club in Bondi. Tickets $45 available from Parade Music in Bondi 9365 1248.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Bondi 7am – onshore waist high, poor The onshore winds continue from the weekend making mushy waves at Bondi. The swell is coming in from the south and only producing waist high to the occasional bigger set wave (shoulder high). Nothing to get too excited about, the overcast skies making�the office�not such a bad option. The wind will blow a gale later this morning (20/30knots southerly), again kicking up some size. I would expect over head high (++) later today at exposed south facing beaches. But it will be hell bumpy and messy me thinks. Waves will be big(ish) tomorrow, just need the wind to back off.

The 1st heat of Miss Bondi 2004 commenced on Saturday at the Beach Road Hotel in front 2 million guys (ok, slight exaggeration – it was a blokefest). Corrie Lee, Patricia Rodgers, Brooke and Ashleigh Warwick were chosen from heat 1 to appear in the finals on December 11. Aquabumps took a couple of snaps, click on the big button below:

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Friday, 19 November 2004

Bondi 6am – very small knee high. Yesterday’s NE winds have created a local weak windswell that is only managing to produce ankle to knee high waves. Bondi wasn’t picking up the new ENE swell direction and was pretty micro. Forget surfing. Max land temp is a mega 30 degrees today – go for a swim instead. Thunderstorms and rain predicted this afternoon after a south change which is meant to stir up some some swell for the weekend. The wind is going to blow a howling 30 knots tonight…

Does anyone know a good Photo Lab for professional quality digital photographic prints (that are not too exy)…not happy with my current supplier. Ta Contact Aquabumps
Weekend suggestions:

Check out the Aquabumps photos at Bondi kiosk (north bondi)
Doc Bob "Science of the Surf talk" at Tamarama tomorrow 3:30pm
Miss Bondi @ the Beach Road Hotel Sat 20th Nov, 2pm for heat 1
or for the girls, Tale Of Two Fashion Clearance Sale – Friday 19th & Saturday 20th Nov 64 Cooper Street, Surry Hills or Bondi markets on Sunday.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bondi 7am – small waist high and
closing out – no good.
After yesterday’s day of fun waves we are left with mere tiny swell scraps
this morning. An early morning summer’s haze setting the scene for
a hot day (max 32! Yeha!). I would forget the board and go for a swim
instead as the swell is declining. Wind: N/NW 15/20 knots
inshore and 20/25 knots offshore at first, increasing to 25/33 knots from
N/NE throughout in the afternoon and evening. High tide
12:44 Low tide 06:11. Tomorrow is looking poor for surfing
(wind swell), but Saturday and Sunday should see some south swell producing
head high waves. Enjoy the weather!

Bondi 2004
The Beach Road Hotel in Bondi will be hosting the 8th Annual
Miss Bondi Competition. This Saturday 20th Nov
at 2:30pm the 1st round of heats start. Join the crew and
enjoy the bikini parade, live music and outdoor entertainment.
Science of the Surf
Dr. Bob Brander is running his rip demonstration/lectures
at Tamarama this Saturday 3:30-4:30pm. Meet at
the Tama SLSC. This is where Doc throws coloured dye in the water
and you can see the violent rip at Tama in action. Interesting stuff…
Have a great day, ::uge

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Bondi 6am – looking the goods,
Looking great this morning with head high clean waves on the low tide
this morning. You’ll need to hit it before the lunch time high tide comes
in, transforming these waves into fat burgers. High tide 12:38pm Low tide
06:00am. NW offshores should hold off for a little while before swinging
to the NE. This south swell will only be breaking at beaches facing full
on south. Oh yeah, and it’s crowded – very. So be careful out there, whilst
shooting in the water this morning I witnessed a multitude of drop ins
and stray boards flung in all directions. The out of town option would
be the go if you’re not stuck at work. Unfortunately this swell will decline
into tomorrow leaving us with smaller scraps. Boo. Pray for waves.
An exclusive Sydney show & BEN FLETCHER (THE DEVOTED
FEW) are playing at “SOUND PORTRAIT” – LIVE Music Wednesdays
Tonight 17th November 7pm – midnight
Ruby Rabbit, 231 Oxford St, Darlinghurst
Drinks are on us, 7 – 8pm $10 Admission

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Bondi 6:40am – shoulder high onshore
Aloha…The predicted south change has rolled into Sydney dispersing thick
grey clouds, cooler weather, onshore winds and kickup some south swell.
Bondi had head high ugly bumps rolling in the south corner with a small
crowd sniffing for the odd one with wall. (high % of burgers). All in
all it ain’t that great but at least it’s surfable. Tomorrow
should be better with n/ne winds – but swell will only be found at beaches
facing south. High tide 11:38 Low tide 18:37 Max land temp 23 degrees.
Few things happening around town – Clean Ocean Foundation
are holding the Hang 12 surfboard artwork auction on
Nov 30 at Christie’s in Sydney. Find yourself some cool surf art
for your house. More

Surf shorts is on again. This event aims
to encourage filmmakers of all levels to express their ideas and creativity
through the production of a short surf film. 7 mins max. More

The boyz from STAB surf mag have
released their 4th edition. Check it out at your local
newsagency. More info

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Bondi 7am – unsurfable…but super sunnyHola! Great morning to be roaming around the beach – it’s perfectly sunny…dire if you’re keen on surfing today. The fact that I waited 30 minutes to shoot a surfer actually standing up (and didn’t succeed) should tell you something. Ha! So it’s pancake heaven. Go for a swim instead. Been flat for a while now, if you’re frustrated and contemplating visiting the cash converters with those dusty boards, reconsider…as we’ve got a small few waves Tuesday(late)/Wednesday/Thursday of this week. Enjoy the sunshine.

Thinking about sending out your Christmas cards? Why not at the same time help a fantastic cause? The Inspire Foundation is a non-profit organisation which uses the internet and face-to-face involvement to improve the mental health and well-being of young Australians. You might have heard of their website www.reachout.com.au? Their Xmas card for 2004 features ‘sea dreaming’ – a photograph taken by a Kate, 20, for a competition run by General Pants and Reach Out! when asked ‘What inspires you’. The card is blank inside for you to write your own message. The cards cost $17.50 for a pack of 10 (incl GST and donation to Inspire).
Please email [email protected] to order your copies now – great for your family and friends or for your work clients and supporters.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

Bondi 8am – yawn. It’s flat. Really flat. Boring.You’re missing nothing on the surf front this morning. Virtually no swell getting in Bondi (that’s if there’s anything out there). It’s flat. Sensational sunny day heading towards a max of 27 degrees. Offshore winds with a east (micro) swell. The word on the street is that there may be a little bit of east swell on the weekend, but next week looks much better with some solid south swell stuff. You’re probably over my indo shots (especially when there’s not even a ripple in Sydney), but in today’s report I thought I would throw in some underwater experiments – gotta love that clear indo water.

SAD Kids Charity Night is on tonight 6:30pm at the Bourbon/Plan B in Kings cross. Tickets $100 and are available at the door (includes drinks, canapes and entertainment). Sad Kids helps kids suffering stress, anxiety and depression. So help out this worthy cause. More info
Last night Rip Curl rolled out the red carpet at the North Bondi RSL to launch their new surf movie: Innervisions. A great movie with some cool water shots from the legend Jon Frank. (Just so you know he’s the guy who inspired me to get into shooting surf pics). You can view the movie online.Took a couple of random snaps at the party, check em’ out:

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bondi 7am – waist high, occasionally bigger, weak.Got down there this morning and thought cool, a few waves it’s picked up! After closer inspection and 30 minutes of waiting for someone to get a decent wave I realized it was fools gold. Large crowd surfing weak full bondi burgers – early high tide wasn’t do it any favours. Every now and then a set would roll through around shoulder high but it wasn’t really walling up. Nonetheless it’s surfable and probably the best day of this week (which isn’t much to measure it against). Glorious sunshine as we are looking at a maximum of 24 degrees. Winds will pick up 15-20 knots of N/NE this afternoon. Water is still chilly 19 degrees, high tide 07:47 low tide 14:06. Our prayers for swell have been answer and Hui has sent some strong south swell due on our beaches mid next week. So best save some energy and hang down the beach with the Page bros rubbing baby oil on each other (they’ve changed). Mooowhaha.

Don’t forget to catch Mick Eugene Fanning (cool name) at the Rip Curl store 5pm today. Rip Curl’s new surf movie InnerVisions is released tonight around the globe. The movie can be watch online at – www.ripcurl.com/innervisions at 8:30pm tonight.
Hawaiian surfer Andy Irons clinched his third straight world title yesterday when Australian challenger Joel Parkinson was eliminated from the Brazilian WCT event. Read more

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bondi 6am, onshore weak mush againOnshore winds are making a mess of the waist to shoulder high bumps down at Bondi this morning. Few crew out in search of anything surfable, but sadly it’s really not worth a paddle unless you’re just starting out or a mega keen frothn’ man grommet. (e.g. Beo)

Legend surfers Mick Fanning, Clint Kimmins and Travis Lynch are all going to be down at the Bondi Rip Curl store tomorrow, Thursday 11th Nov at 5pm. (just incase you want some tips on your 360 floaters and an autograph)
If you haven’t noticed Sculptures by the sea is on again. Thousands of people come down to the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk where the exhibition lies. This year we’ve got a Hollywood inspired "BONDI BEACH" sign on the southern hill. Maybe it will stay…

Live music @ Ruby rabit bar every wednesday————————————————————————–

Every Wednesday night at the Ruby Rabit bar you’ll find live music and free drinks from 6:30pm until 8pm.
Sound PortraitDoors open 6:30pm, drinks on the curator till 8pmNovember 10, Bliss ‘N’ Eso & Lord Of The Fly$10 admission – Ruby Rabbit, 231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bondi 6:30am – junkyard waist to chest high mushThe combination of a weak east windswell and strong early SE onshore winds create mushy conditions. So if you’re frothn’ around looking for a waves – your options are limited. I suggest doing something else, work hard, score some brownie points with the girl/boy friend, stop the bbq cover blowing into your neighbors yard. In fact, this whole week looks very average. Sorry…pray for swell (and clean conditions)…

If you’re keen on a new board, Andrew Harris, a local surfboard shaper is offering 10% off all custom orders for Aquabumps members. Give him a call for a chat 02-9938 6076.

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Monday, November 08, 2004

Bondi 7am – waist high overcast
The perfect sunny weekend weather has now deteriorated to dark overcast
skies and rain. The surf situation ain’t to crash hot either with dribbly
knee to waist high waves at Bondi. One of the rare days that you will
see only 1 or 2 optimistic crew bobbing up and down praying to Hui for
a freak set. Good day to crank out a heap of work. Wind:
S/SE 10/15 knots increasing to SE 15/20 knots in the afternoon. Save your
energy for a better day.
This week looks like a windswell for us…picks up slightly
tomorrow, but I question the quality at this early stage.
If you’re doing to Sculptures by the sea walk, don’t forget
to have a look a Sitesea photographic exhibition currently
running at the Tamarama SLSC. (don’t be shy to donate a bit of cashola
either – proceeds go to the club).
Still have more shots from my recent trip to Indonesia.
Some incredible untouched beaches, clear water and juicy lil’ tubes.
Click on the button below to view photo gallery:

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bondi 7am – south swell, small – surfableWhat a cracker morning! Bad luck to those who slept in. Sun is shining and there’s very little wind. The swell has switched its origins from north east to south east and Bondage is showing a little surfable bump this morning. It’s mostly around waist high with the odd larger set. The sea weed monster is hanging around the south end where there seems to be a little bank forming.

All in all – don’t get too excited about the surf, but a definite beach day for those lucky ones not working today. Summer is here and why would you want to be anywhere else? (Well, maybe indo for a few but I’ll get over that). Wind: Variable to 10 knots tending NE 15/20 knots in the afternoon. Low tide 07:10 High tide 13:47, Max land temp 25, water 19 degrees.
Surely you’ve got a few friends that would like to receive a slice of the beach every morning (for free). Just go take them to www.aquabumps.com and submit their email addresses (please let them know first so they don’t think I’m king spam machine). More the better…
Bondi board riders comp is on this Sunday down at Bondi. Usual 8am at the skateramp hill. DJ coming down this Sunday and everyone is welcome. More info
Have a goodie ::yooj

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bondi 6am – nope, nothing to see hereNot much to write about this morning down at Bondi. Apart from the sun was shining and great offshore conditions – that’s about it as there is barely any of the northerly swell getting in Bondage. Few crew on Mals paddling for ankle to knee high ripples. Try the Bra or something else that picks up the NE windswell.

To make you froth with envy, here is some more shots from my recent boat trip to Indonesia. Click on this button below:

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bondi 7:50am – ankle biters. Mow the lawn.After a ferocious morning thunderstorm we’re left with no surf this morning down at Bondi. Think this NE swell is missing Bondage entirely. I only saw a group of learners from the surf school playing around in the middle. Other beaches more east facing would pick up a ripple or two. It’s going to blow this afternoon. Wind: NW/NE 13/18 knots, strengthening to N/NE 20/30 knots in the afternoon. Nothing much happening until Thursday on the surf front where a small south swell is heading our way.

Couple of things happening around our neighborhood that are worth checking out whilst there is no waves.
Bondi Kiosk, North Bondi – I’ve still got Aquabumps photos down at Bondi Kiosk if you would like to have a look.(and buy big) www.aquabumps.com
SiteSea 28 Oct – 14 Nov – An ocean inspired photographic exhibition at Tamarama SLSC. Proceeds go to the club. Some really fantastic photos, especially ?grommie waiting? down the back. (Potentially bias) Buy Buy Buy www.sitesea.com.au
Sculptures by the Sea 28 Oct – 14 Nov – yup, it’s back on. Sculpture by the Sea is Australia ‘s largest annual outdoor free to the public exhibition of contemporary sculpture staged along Sydney’s spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk. www.sculpturebythesea.com
Garage Sale by the Sea Sunday 7 Nov – the residents from Kenneth St Tamarama are having a combined garage sale this Sunday – 9am – 5pm
Bondi Short Film Festival – 27Nov 7pm – Bondi Pavilion. 15 films of 13 minutes each with no restriction to a common theme. www.coadygroup.com TIX – 02-9699-3444

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Bondi 6:45am – waist high (odd shoulder high one), not too flashHello. We’re back! Yup…so Aquabumps reports are back on. Bondi was looking pretty poor this morning (keep in mind everything is going to look poor after surfing in Indonesia – boo). Today’s waves are around the waist high lacking shape and power. "should have been here yesterday…" that old chestnut – yup, yesterday looked much better with a decent over head high left running in the southern corner and perfect sunshine. So I suggest surfing only if you’re keen, it ain’t crankin’ but you’d find something to push you along. Wind: N/NE 10/15 knots increasing to 20/30 knots during the afternoon. High tide 11:26 Low tide 18:11. Meant to be 27 degrees today (says BOM) – yeah right, more like 22 degrees with thunderstorms. Swell coming on Wednesday.

Just so you know we’ve been sailing in Indonesia on the 110ft Bintang (boat not beer) for 12 days in search of perfection. We didn’t score any mega large swells, probably double head high at Rags was the biggest session. But the usual Ht’s and Maccas turned it on as usual (even on the smaller days). Last year I received loads of questions about a trip like this, so to save time here is some basic info – 12 days on a boat off Sumatra costs around $2.5k for a decent one. Airfares via Singapore to Padang $1.2k. Crowds? Not to bad this year as it is late in the season – it has been much busier earlier this year (e.g. July). Boards – take 3 (any more and you’ll get hit with excess baggage), don’t go over the top with big guns as you will be surfing 3 – 4 foot most of the time (don’t hold me to that – anything can happen up there). Nearly everyone got cut on the coral reefs and a few eye injuries. Oh yeah, and I do work… If you are planning a trip and want a photographer to come along, email me (just pay my way). Click on the button below to see some snaps (not stoked with this years photos as it was soooo overcast!). More shots over the next couple of weeks.

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