Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bondi 7am – waist high, occasionally bigger, weak.
Got down there this morning and thought cool, a few waves it’s picked up! After closer inspection and 30 minutes of waiting for someone to get a decent wave I realized it was fools gold. Large crowd surfing weak full bondi burgers – early high tide wasn’t do it any favours. Every now and then a set would roll through around shoulder high but it wasn’t really walling up. Nonetheless it’s surfable and probably the best day of this week (which isn’t much to measure it against). Glorious sunshine as we are looking at a maximum of 24 degrees. Winds will pick up 15-20 knots of N/NE this afternoon. Water is still chilly 19 degrees, high tide 07:47 low tide 14:06. Our prayers for swell have been answer and Hui has sent some strong south swell due on our beaches mid next week. So best save some energy and hang down the beach with the Page bros rubbing baby oil on each other (they’ve changed). Mooowhaha.

Don’t forget to catch Mick Eugene Fanning (cool name) at the Rip Curl store 5pm today. Rip Curl’s new surf movie InnerVisions is released tonight around the globe. The movie can be watch online at – at 8:30pm tonight.

Hawaiian surfer Andy Irons clinched his third straight world title yesterday when Australian challenger Joel Parkinson was eliminated from the Brazilian WCT event. Read more

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