Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Bondi 7am – full on onshore, mega messy head high
The south winds are howling this morning. Thought it was calming down last night – but nope! Bondi was mega messy and onshore at 7am. Waves got up around head high on sets.

Quite a few crew out sniffin’ the odd bumpy chunk. Your board might blow out of your hands before hitting the water. Swell is still coming from the south east…directly into Bondi. You’re probably looking at my shots thinking it looks pretty good – just goes to show how a couple of good surfers can tear even a bumpy mess apart. Any little hint of a pocket and these boys will throw a huge turn in there.

My call – only if you’re really keen or bored. Swell should hang around tomorrow and drop on Friday. Wind: S/SE 15/20 knots, reaching 20/25 knots offshore in the morning, easing to 10/15 knots in the evening. High tide 07:22 Low tide 13:46

Thanks for all the suggestions of photo labs – really appreciate it.

Don’t forget live music at Ruby Rabit tonight. Doors open at 7pm and drinks are on the house from 7pm to 8pm. Tonight’s bands – Andy Bull and Sienna.

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