Monday, November 01, 2004

Bondi 6:45am – waist high (odd shoulder high one), not too flash
Hello. We’re back! Yup…so Aquabumps reports are back on. Bondi was looking pretty poor this morning (keep in mind everything is going to look poor after surfing in Indonesia – boo). Today’s waves are around the waist high lacking shape and power. "should have been here yesterday…" that old chestnut – yup, yesterday looked much better with a decent over head high left running in the southern corner and perfect sunshine. So I suggest surfing only if you’re keen, it ain’t crankin’ but you’d find something to push you along. Wind: N/NE 10/15 knots increasing to 20/30 knots during the afternoon. High tide 11:26 Low tide 18:11. Meant to be 27 degrees today (says BOM) – yeah right, more like 22 degrees with thunderstorms. Swell coming on Wednesday.

Just so you know we’ve been sailing in Indonesia on the 110ft Bintang (boat not beer) for 12 days in search of perfection. We didn’t score any mega large swells, probably double head high at Rags was the biggest session. But the usual Ht’s and Maccas turned it on as usual (even on the smaller days). Last year I received loads of questions about a trip like this, so to save time here is some basic info – 12 days on a boat off Sumatra costs around $2.5k for a decent one. Airfares via Singapore to Padang $1.2k. Crowds? Not to bad this year as it is late in the season – it has been much busier earlier this year (e.g. July). Boards – take 3 (any more and you’ll get hit with excess baggage), don’t go over the top with big guns as you will be surfing 3 – 4 foot most of the time (don’t hold me to that – anything can happen up there). Nearly everyone got cut on the coral reefs and a few eye injuries. Oh yeah, and I do work… If you are planning a trip and want a photographer to come along, email me (just pay my way). Click on the button below to see some snaps (not stoked with this years photos as it was soooo overcast!). More shots over the next couple of weeks.

Indo Pics 2004

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