Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bondi 7am – very small early, but getting better
Prediction is for a hot muggy day in Sydney – with a mega maximum temperature of 42 degrees. Surf looked smaller, yet more sorted than yesterday. At 7am there were large lulls and the occasional waist to chest high set servicing an early large crowd. Nothing exciting – good for a splash about. When I left the beach it appeared to have improved in consistency – and I reckon around lunch would be ok. Wind: N/NW 10/15 knots increasing to 20/30 knots in the afternoon and evening. High tide 10:59 Low tide 17:49. Wed/Thurs looks pretty boring surfwise, Friday has an improvement. pray for swell.

Karlos and his new digi camera checked out round 2 off Miss Bondi held last Saturday at the Beach Road Hotel. Check out the pics. Round 3 is on this Sat at the BRH.

Jamie Webb down at Bondi Social invites you for dinner Tuesday – Sunday from 5:50pm and lunch Friday through Sunday from 11:30am. Mention you’re an aquabumps subscriber when making your reservation and receive 10% off Sunday to Thursday. Also, Orphans should book now for our Christmas day lunch. info@bondisocial.com

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