Monday, November 29, 2004

Bondi 7am – waist to shoulder high, playful.
How good was da weekend? Perfect summer weather, south swell and offshores…rool noice. After a short south change last night, this morning has cleared up to produce small fun waves and a roasting hot day. Today 30 degrees and a scorching’ 42 degrees tomorrow.

South Bondi had a weak waist to shoulder high wave suitable for a play around. Looked a little fat and junky at times, nonetheless is a beach day so who cares. The 10:21 high tide doin’ no favors at Bondee. Time for a day off me thinks…(yeah right – dreamin’)

SMH reports 40,000 people down at Bondi yesterday. Thankfully a few of us headed out of town on the weekend in search of uncrowded waves and scored. View pics

Now you can take your ipod swimming with ya – what tha? More info

Enjoy this hot day…get wet.

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