Monday, November 22, 2004

Bondi 7am – onshore waist high, poor
The onshore winds continue from the weekend making mushy waves at Bondi. The swell is coming in from the south and only producing waist high to the occasional bigger set wave (shoulder high). Nothing to get too excited about, the overcast skies making�the office�not such a bad option. The wind will blow a gale later this morning (20/30knots southerly), again kicking up some size. I would expect over head high (++) later today at exposed south facing beaches. But it will be hell bumpy and messy me thinks. Waves will be big(ish) tomorrow, just need the wind to back off.

The 1st heat of Miss Bondi 2004 commenced on Saturday at the Beach Road Hotel in front 2 million guys (ok, slight exaggeration – it was a blokefest). Corrie Lee, Patricia Rodgers, Brooke and Ashleigh Warwick were chosen from heat 1 to appear in the finals on December 11. Aquabumps took a couple of snaps, click on the big button below:

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