Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Bondi 6am – looking the goods,

Looking great this morning with head high clean waves on the low tide
this morning. You’ll need to hit it before the lunch time high tide comes
in, transforming these waves into fat burgers. High tide 12:38pm Low tide
06:00am. NW offshores should hold off for a little while before swinging
to the NE. This south swell will only be breaking at beaches facing full
on south. Oh yeah, and it’s crowded – very. So be careful out there, whilst
shooting in the water this morning I witnessed a multitude of drop ins
and stray boards flung in all directions. The out of town option would
be the go if you’re not stuck at work. Unfortunately this swell will decline
into tomorrow leaving us with smaller scraps. Boo. Pray for waves.

An exclusive Sydney show & BEN FLETCHER (THE DEVOTED
FEW) are playing at “SOUND PORTRAIT” – LIVE Music Wednesdays
Tonight 17th November 7pm – midnight
Ruby Rabbit, 231 Oxford St, Darlinghurst
Drinks are on us, 7 – 8pm $10 Admission

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