Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bondi 7am – looking the goods. Head high. Clean. Tube sectionsLooking quite tasty this morning with head high clean waves breaking on multiple banks on Bondi. Southern corner has a sucky bank creating the odd pit under a very overcast morning. Swell is predicted to increase this afternoon for tomorrow. We’re gonna get some good stuff…High tide 12:07 Low tide 17:41 – this weekend will have great weather too.

Aquabumps surveyAquabumps runs surveys to find out a little bit more about you…have your say on what you like and don’t like…so we can make sure it remains something that you’re into. Another purpose for this survey is to assess whether the advertising that appears is relevant to you. Aquabumps relies on a small amount of advertising to support itself.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bondi 7am – head high and bumpy
Bondi was a hive of activity this morning with bootie camps, morning walkers/joggers,
swimmers and surfers trying to suck in the last of the warm weather before
entering our mild Sydney winter (max 21 degrees today). The surf was bit
of a mush-fest, with stroppy head high chunx pushin’ out the odd whackable
pocket. Large crew for an average day (keen)…standard onshore South
Easterlies getting’ the better of it…weather looks good on the weekend
(27 on Saturday – yeha)…some decent size rockn’ into Sydney tomorrow
– its coming from the south again.
Correction to yesterdays email, the lost 25 year old man
taken from Bondi during the weekend was swimming in a flagged
area before being separated by big waves after about 20 minutes.
Apologies for inaccurate information yesterday.
RUMPUS at the Eastern – Friday 1st April
Don’t be a fool this Friday, get yourself down to RUMPUS at THE
EASTERN to enjoy the sounds of Wonderland DJ’s Nick and Sara who
will be joined by Guest DJ Jules Beaumont. The lads and lass will be spinning
the finest, funky, electro house beats in the RUBY LOUNGE whilst downstairs
the Soulshaker crew dish up their sophisticated soul, funk and disco in
the CLASSIC BAR. After last weeks MASSIVE Easter Thursday party you’d
have to be a April fool to miss this one…
If you would like to apply for a membership to THE EASTERN which entitles
you to; guaranteed entry, no queuing and no cover charge on any night
(inc Rumpus) please just send your name and address to [email protected]

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bondi 6:30am – head high, semi clean surfableHows yoouse dooin? Geez there has been some swell around the traps of late – love last week’s storm. Hope you scored on the Easter break. I’ve been hearing so many stories of epic waves from up and down the coast. I think I must have traveled the furthest, unfortunately scoring only 4 foot (max) stuff. <Insert winge> how about that damn traffic coming home from north coast yesterday – #@$!!#@$ 5 hour drive turned in friggin 9 hours.<close winge>

Enough ramble. Swell has dropped off overnight leaving behind head high waves down at Bondi this morning. It was relatively clean and surfable. Not many crew out. 10:21 high tide will promote fatness…16:13 low tide. Cool wintery day (21 degrees max) with SE winds this afternoon. Swell increase mid week…sand banks look pretty good with our recent renovations.
Sunday – Swimmer missing off Bondi BeachBondi was max’ing on the weekend. A 25 year old man is still missing after being swept off Bondi on Sunday. The search for his body has failed to find anything. Apparently he wasn’t swimming in between the flags.
Earth Quake in Indonesia2:15am today, a powerful earthquake struck off Indonesia’s west coast, killing nearly 300 people and sending panic across the Indian Ocean that another tsunami was on the way…
Seeya, ::Ugenius

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The talk of the town today was this ferocious storm that has tormented New South Wales with gale force winds and relentless rain – brilliant isn’t it? It’s been going strong for about 24 hours now (it’s currently 10:30pm Wed) and the ocean has been enraged into spitting monster chunx – 6+ metre faces booming into our bays under relentless onshores. The word on the street is that Deadmans over Manly way is the go, but you’d need a jetski and have to fight 6x world champion Kelly Slater for a few. Lurline is suitable for the hell men. Best wait until this wind dies down to reveal some golden potential.
Couldn’t get my usual morning shots as it was dark, raining and pretty much outa control. (Hence shots tonight). Disappointingly the Bondi sand banks have been uprooted and thrown up onto the back of the beach near the concrete walkway. Pretty freaky. This storm has incredible power behind it.
Don’t forget to get down to RUMPUS Thursday night at the Eastern. The Wonderland boyz will be crankin’ out the toons whilst celebrating a couple of birthdays.
If you’re around Sydney and heading to the races this weekend, Jackie’s in North Bondi is throwing AprEs racing drinks 6pm – 8pm on Sat 26th and Mon 28th. Website
Have a great Easter break. I’m outa here for some fun waves outa town.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bondi 7am – onshore bumpy head high on sets, smaller than yesterday.The weather is about to explode. Sometime today a storm is going to hit from the south terrorizing Sydney with gale force southerly winds and flash flooding. You could get winds up to 50 knots tonight, so best secure that Barbie cover and park the car out in the rain for a free car wash. Best thing about a violent storm like this is the aftermath – a nice big chunky south swell (as well as some rain in the needy dams). So kick back indoors and let this storm do its thing, renovating our sand banks and whipping up a 6-8 foot solid swell for Thursday/Friday. This Easter we’ve got waves.

Thursday 24th March – Easter Rumpus @ the EasternFor the dairy, we are planning a very special ‘Easter Rumpus’ on Thursday 24th March (not open Good Friday). Wonderland DJ’s Nick and Simon will be joined by local legend Jules Beaumont and will be spinning hot and heavy house music in the RUBY LOUNGE whilst the Soulshaker crew dish up sophisticated soul, funk and disco in the CLASSIC BAR. A couple of the Wonderland DJ’s are also celebrating their birthdays that night so the drinks should be flowing thick and fast…
Apologies if you received two reports yesterday.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

At 6:40am my initial description would be random peaks, not really lining up and breaking well over head high on sets. You’d get the lucky odd one lining up…not going nuts but decent. However at 7:30am I witnessed a small pack hovering around a middle bank Bondi picking off some sweet lefties. Amongst a 6:15am high tide, fatness levels were surprisingly at a minimum. Actually some nice lil’ pockets on offer worthy of a boff. Thankfully the morning offshores offering some clean surfaces, but it will blow the good old SEster this afternoon. This week looks like fun…most days should have something on offer.
Unbelievable…another shark attack victim, 26 year old Geoff Brazier in WA. 6 metre tiger attacked him in the Abrolhos Islands group. Deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Read more
Pics may seem as little grainy today as I stuffed up one of the million settings on my camera. It’s a Canon 10D (more info in my FAQs).
Fellas, if you’re looking a lil’ shabby lately and havin’ no luck with the girls, I suggest picking up a new Aquabumps men’s tee. I’m running a chinatown style ‘special price‘ on men’s MEDIUM white subject line tees today. ($30 + postage) bargain! These tees are made in LA (sweatshop free) and are top quality. The print is my scribbly writing detailing all the subject lines from 2004 reports.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Bondi 7am – onshore ugly chunksThe beltn’ 30 knot southerlies are blowin’, agitating the seas for the past 24 hours. It’s the first day that you can feel a winter’s chill in the air (max 20)…time to dig out the woolies. This wind brings swell, well over head high down Bondi way. The persistent onshores mashin’ the surface quality…so surf a sheltered corner or sit around and wait for winds to die down. Only a hand full of very keen individuals challenged the mornings foam balls. Didn’t look like much fun to me. Beam me up to Indo Scottie.

Don’t forget to check out the Rumpus/Wonderland boys spinning fresh tunes at new joint – The Eastern, Bondi Junction tonight.
Or how about catchn’ up with local band JUNTO on Saturday night at The Annandale (onstage 10:30pm).

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Stood on the beach for 20 minutes at 8:30am and didn’t see anyone catch a wave. Guess that sums it up for ya. Beach was empty…thick clouds making it pretty dark to shoot anything of decent quality, rain wasn’t helping either…so I decided rather than show you borza shots of 3 guys bobbing up and down in the sloppy onshore waist high chunks…best show you some of my favourite shots from the past two years. Yep, just like a ‘Happy Days’ rerun. Tomorrow looks much much better surf wise…Alleluia.

Rumpus at the Eastern this Friday:This Friday Wonderland Dj’s Nick and Simon Pog will be joined by guest DJ (and young hotshot) Tim Boffa. The guys will be laying down the finest, funkiest house music until 3am upstairs in the RUBY LOUNGE. THE EASTERN_500 OXFORD ST_ BONDI JUNCTION. [email protected]
Baja Benny is serving fresh healthy tacos in Bondi Junga Thursday/Friday 8am to 6pm (near Commonwealth bank). So after a sess out at Bondi, fill up on these bad boys. Healthier option to the standard coke and pie. buy1get1free

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hola Chicos, Not a pretty morning with corrupting onshore SE winds and a micro east wind swell. Quite a few keen early birds optimistically staring out to the horizon in search of some action (bit like Plummie down the pub). You’d have to be really keen or just starting out (torkin’ about the surf not Plummie now – hmmn ok maybe both). Last night’s south change has produced a chunk of cloud cover which will get thicker – boo. Chance of rain/thunderstorm this afternoon – boo. Weather looks pretty crummy for the next 3 days (land temp. early 20’s) – surf is looking healthier with a gradual swell increase into Saturday which is lookin’ da goods. So earn some brownie points with your partner, ’cause you’ll be surfing this weekend. Today’s brownie pt suggestion – take her to see a movie, ‘The Life Aquatic’ at Bondi Junga Hoyts 7pm in support for the Grey Nurse Initiative.

I don’t normally put house rental ads in my daily emails as they normally live on my website notice board, but…2 brothers living in a deluxe beachside 3 bed/2 bath pad with mega views of Tamarama are looking for a flattie. $230 per week includes cleaner and broadband. Email [email protected]
Adios, ::Ugios (I’m not spanish)

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Maroubra 7am – small weak wind swell, surfable. Bit av.Quality summery morning with warm water, clear skies and gentle offshores. A locally generated ENE wind swell was trickling into Maroubra this morning dodging the south facing Booondhi. It’s really quite weak and small, around waist to chest(ish) high – you can surf it, and may get the odd one…but I reckon it’s a day better suited to other activities. Low tide is at 6:50am and a high tide at 12:45pm. Cracker day…max 29 degrees…Bondi was smaller, knee high which may improve with a bit more water on it.

Let Lucy Live – The Grey Nurse Shark InitiativeLucy, Australia’s friendliest shark may be extinct in as little as 10 years. Only 500 Grey Nurses remain along the whole east coast of Australia. Grey Nurse Sharks generally gather in groups at 16 key areas along the NSW coast. Accidental hooking in these areas is causing their decline. On Wednesday March 16th, 7pm, Greater Union, Bondi Junction is holding an advanced screening of "The Life Aquatic" as a fundraiser to save Lucy and her Grey nurse buddies. Admission is free, but you need to donate $10 to this initiative, payable at the door.
Aquabumps tee store has been restocked. Last batch sold in 2 weeks…Freshly baked batch available for purchase now. Click here

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Bondi 7am – small surf under a glorious summers dayNo sign of a weakening summer as we cruise into a max temperature of 28 degrees today. How good was the weekend…me thinks some of the best weather so far this year. Why would you live anywhere else? (bias)

On the surf front there isn’t a great deal on offer early today. It’s a ENE swell created locally (wind swell). At 6am we had a low tide which probably sucked any worthy chunks back out to sea. Few waves around knee high, with the odd slightly larger one. It’s pretty straight because of the low tide, so maybe mid tide it would improve. Few meaty rips around the place. Expect an afternoon seabreeze from the NE…
This week will start off small, Monday to Wednesday similar size to today with hopefully some goodies later in the week. Have a good day.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Bondi 7:30am – expected better (eternal optimist). Onshore mushy chest highPersistent southerly winds continue to mushify chest high sets this morning. I expected it to be better…perhaps with the increase in swell size this afternoon and predicted NE wind stream we may see some joy. Looked weak and sloppy…suitable for a muck around only. 09:50 am fatty high tide should hide anything substantial, before the 16:12 low tide may show a glimmer of hope. Me thinks if we all play our cards right tomorrow should see some fun stuff.

Bondi Openair Cinema – Glass Love Season Finale TonightThe Bondi Openair Cinema completes its program tonight with Glass Love, the new cult surf film by Australian film director, musician and surfer Andrew Kidman. There are lots of give-aways and the composers will perform the soundtrack live on stage. Last tixs are on sale today at
Havagreatweekend – check out a Pure Blonde. Adios, ::Ugios

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bondi 7:30am – messy onshore shoulder high mushYesterday’s chunky bits have been downgraded to shoulder high mush-burgers this morning down at Bondi. Howling (SE) onshore winds were corrupting any possibility of a clean face at 7am… looks like it will be the same for most of the day -‘ so crank some work out. Tomorrow on the other hand is looking interesting with a dramatically increasing south swell in the afternoon leading us into a weekend of waves.

47 year old Stacy Peralta, film maker, surfer and one of the founding fathers of modern skateboarding paid Bondi a visit this morning with his son Austen. Stacy is currently touring down here from the states promoting his new epic surf film "Riding Giants" which launches today in a cinema near you (view sessions). Even if you don’t surf, I reckon you’d enjoy the film…some of the big wave scenes will make your jaw drop. See it on the big screen rather than DVD for full effect.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bondi 7am head to head and half monster chunks, closing outDramatic increase in swell size this morning…some decent sized muthas pounding our beaches (hopefully renovating our sand banks). Swell is coming from the south, directly into Bondi closing out most of the bay. If you don’t mind paddling 20 minutes into monster foam balls to get out the back, you may be rewarded with head’n’half close outs (yay). Didn’t see anyone out the back at all. Just a few trying to duck and weave the chaotic shorey. Winds were briefly offshore this morning before swinging onshore. Water is joy 22 degrees, 27 degrees on land and a burger high tide at 8:20am. (Low tide 3pm) We’ve got waves for the rest of the week…so no rush.

Crazy night on the floating surf/beachculture xmas party last night. I know your thinking xmas is long gone, but the festive spirit lived in the300 odd crew crankin’ aboard a barge on the harbour last night. Best view the pics for explanation.

Riding Giants, the new surf film from Stacy Peralta, takes us along surfing’s timeline from it’s early Polynesian roots, to its rebirth in the early 20th Century, to the development of a fledgling surf culture along the coast of Southern California in the 1940s highlighting the group of extraordinary adventurers that emerged: surfers who, not satisfied with the mere recreational and social aspects of the sport, began searching for bigger and bigger waves, pushing the boundaries of performance to explore the "unridden realm". Riding Giants opens tonight at the Cremorne ORPHEUM (t:9908 4344) @ 6:30pm, where you’ll be able to meet the director Stacy for Q&A session. Tickets still available. More Info

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bondi 7am – smaller than yesterday – funAmongst a restless large morning crowd the south swell machine produced waves up around the chest high mark this morning down at Bondi. Some serious singeing dropins going down – think I might start up a ding repair business – loose boards everywhere. I’d suggest surfing the middle bank if you’re just starting out as the solo southern peak was overcrowded and chaotic (normally there are more options). Wind was light WSW which will swing into a seabreeze later on. The 7:30am high tide was creating fatness whilst I’d expect the 2pm low tide to create straight-handers. Somewhere in the middle may suit a few fun ones. Nice day, 26 degrees max, so lap it up before we head into winter. Forecast – hmmn…looks like southern chunks headed our way.

Bondi Open Air Cinema season finale is showing "Glass Love" this Friday 11th March. Glass love is a surfing movie by Andrew Kidman. Soundtrack is going to be performed live by the film makers. The first 10 to email [email protected] win a free pass or go to to book tickets.

One of the benefits of running Aquabumps is that I get to meet some interesting people who have the same passion as I – the ocean. There’s some real characters down the beaches in the morning, you’d be surprised who pops up. Some scruffy groveling man grommets have an interesting story. I caught up with old skool, frothn’ fashion designer Damion Fuller for a chat. Read his story

Riding Giants, a new surf film by Stacey Peralta launches in Sydney on Thursday night. I recommend seeing this flick as it tells the tale of surfing history through the godfathers of the sport…click here

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Monday, March 07, 2005

Bondi 7:30am – sweet head high, super clean, sunny!Some days don’t you just wish you had no commitments, no job, no meetings, no mobile phones?…if this was the case I would be putting the new epoxy shooter in the back of the car, pull out onto the highway, elbow out the window and roll up at a uncrowded, out of town beach (south facing) where I would spend the day catching head high waves under a gloriously sunny day. It ain’t big, but it’s prrruutty.

Back to reality…picturesque Bondi was looking fun this morning with quite a few on offer in the south. The first sign of winters chill was in the air…boo…Wind will blow NE 10 knots this afternoon, with an early morning 06:25 high tide and 13:18 Low tide. Swell will decline tomorrow with the possibility of a mid-week´┐Żimprovement (long period stuff coming our way). This week looks so much better than last for us.
Kid ConfuciusSydney’s premier soul/hip hop band, 9-piece Kid Confucius, has released its self-titled debut album. The album launch is Saturday March 12 at The Basement with Andy Bull and DJs Deepchild and Nick Toth. Tickets on sale at "The Basement" or call 9251- 2797.

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Friday, March 04, 2005

Bondi 8am – waist high, closing out.
Sand banks required.
Sorry about the late report (eeck)…This morning I dipped into the southern
end of Bondi to find clean little waves which were predominantly closing
out on a shallow bank (low tide at 9:46am). This ENE swell is not really
doing much at Bondi, and would probably best suit other East exposed beaches
(Bra or Av?). It’s pretty weak wind swell and it’s only going to get smaller
before some south swell arrives on Monday. Light winds this morning which
look like they’ll swing SE early today…probably deteriorating surface
quality…could get up to 28 degrees on the land…nice.
Talented singer Delta Goodrum was down
at Bondi beach this morning (wasn’t into starring on Aquabumps joggercam
unfortunately), not a bad effort by Delta considering last night she had
won a couple of MTV awards which was followed by a booming
party complete with potent unrecognizable cocktails.
Speaking of drinks, there’s a new beer out for the
health conscious. It’s called Pure Blonde and it’s low
on carbs…check it out…
Have a great weekend::ugios

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bondi 7:30am, head high on sets, bit bumpyYesterday’s southerly change stirred up some goodness delivering chest to head sets this morning. Nice surprise. Surface quality was quite bumpy with the slight onshorey…they didn’t seem to have a great deal of push behind them either…nonetheless, it’s probably the best it’s been all week (but that’s like comparing a cracker to a beach road chicken mudflap). Looks like this swell isn’t going to hang around declining tomorrow…High tide 14:10 Low tide 08:21. Winds will swing from the onshore SE’s to the N easterlies this afternoon. (NE’s normally bring a bit of sunshine with it). You’ll have to surf a south facing beach today or else it will be micro. Next week looks more promising with decent south swell arriving on the Monday. Hopefully the southerly onshores won’t be joining the party.

I reckon every office needs one…Credo Group, a retail refurbishment specialist company, with offices in Melbourne – miles away from any ocean, decided they needed some aquatic inspiration in their office. They’ve blown up an AquaBumps Mentawai tube shot to giant proportions (4.5m x 2.3m) and fixed it to a wall in their brand new offices. Looks cool…See Pics
I have been getting my fruit and veg home delivered from local Sam Davies and his company Go Fresh. Gotta tell ya, well worth getting on board, produce is top notch – direct from the markets…it’s really cost effective too (get 20% off your 1st order if you enter "AQUA" under gift vouchers on the final payment screen). Order Online

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

How Psycho is the weather today? This morning
I woke to a burning inferno on the horizon and clear skies, and now as
I write (1 hour later) am amidst a violent thunderstorm with drenching
rain! Less activity in the ocean this morning as waves struggle to break
above your knee caps. Even if you’re keen, you won’t find
much…go for a swim.
Tonight the Bondi Open Air Cinema is showing ‘the
Motorcycle Diaries’ (only a few tickets left) followed by Thursday
3rd March ‘Kinsey ‘ Lets talk about Sex‘ and then Friday
night ‘4th Vampire Hunter D’ – a beautiful gothic anime.
The first 10 to email us on [email protected]
win a free pass to Vampire Hunter D! More info on

On March 10 there’s a fantastic new surf movie being released called
Riding Giants. Director Stacey Peralta created
the successful Dogtown and Z-boys skate
flicks. Riding Giants stars surfing legends Greg Noll, Laird Hamilton
and Peter Mel surfing some monster chunks. We’re
giving away 6 double passes for an exclusive screening next Wednesday
9th March, where Stacey Peralta will be participating in a Q&A
session hosted by surf film legend Jack McCoy. Just answer this question,Q:
what famous skateboard brand did Director Stacey start in the late 70’s?
to email your answer, name and email address.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bondi 7am – knee high clean dribblesAfter a slight spike in swell height last night, it disappointingly dropped this morning and will continue to decline this afternoon. The outlook for surfing this week is poor with knee high waves (or less) predicted for most of it. Swell direction looks like it’s got a bit more east in it. Wind will blow NE this afternoon 15-20 knots. Great day – max 27 degrees – perfect for a laze down the beach. (Insert dreamy blur here)

The Boost Quicksilver WCT Pro officially starts today (but heats have currently been postponed due to lack of swell on 1st day). Held up at Snapper Rocks on the SUPERBANK, 45 of the world’s best surfers and 17 of the best chix will battle it out until the 13th March. Will keep you in the loop. Let’s pray they get some swell…
Etnies are giveaway 6 more pairs of shoes (3 for girls, 3 for boys). Sarah Norris, Robert Yee, Niamh Stephenson, Hamish Macdonald, Damien Harris and Chris Andrerson all won shoes last time. All you need to do is click on the banner below to link to the Etnies site, search around to find the shoe range and email us the name of 1 shoe which appears on the below banner. Please include your name, size and address!!! Must be Aussie resident to enter.

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