Monday, March 14, 2005

Bondi 7am – small surf under a glorious summers day
No sign of a weakening summer as we cruise into a max temperature of 28 degrees today. How good was the weekend…me thinks some of the best weather so far this year. Why would you live anywhere else? (bias)

On the surf front there isn’t a great deal on offer early today. It’s a ENE swell created locally (wind swell). At 6am we had a low tide which probably sucked any worthy chunks back out to sea. Few waves around knee high, with the odd slightly larger one. It’s pretty straight because of the low tide, so maybe mid tide it would improve. Few meaty rips around the place. Expect an afternoon seabreeze from the NE…

This week will start off small, Monday to Wednesday similar size to today with hopefully some goodies later in the week. Have a good day.

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