Friday, March 04, 2005

Bondi 8am – waist high, closing out.
Sand banks required.

Sorry about the late report (eeck)…This morning I dipped into the southern
end of Bondi to find clean little waves which were predominantly closing
out on a shallow bank (low tide at 9:46am). This ENE swell is not really
doing much at Bondi, and would probably best suit other East exposed beaches
(Bra or Av?). It’s pretty weak wind swell and it’s only going to get smaller
before some south swell arrives on Monday. Light winds this morning which
look like they’ll swing SE early today…probably deteriorating surface
quality…could get up to 28 degrees on the land…nice.

Talented singer Delta Goodrum was down
at Bondi beach this morning (wasn’t into starring on Aquabumps joggercam
unfortunately), not a bad effort by Delta considering last night she had
won a couple of MTV awards which was followed by a booming
party complete with potent unrecognizable cocktails.

Speaking of drinks, there’s a new beer out for the
health conscious. It’s called Pure Blonde and it’s low
on carbs…check it out…

Have a great weekend::ugios

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