Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bondi 6:30am – head high, semi clean surfable
Hows yoouse dooin? Geez there has been some swell around the traps of late – love last week’s storm. Hope you scored on the Easter break. I’ve been hearing so many stories of epic waves from up and down the coast. I think I must have traveled the furthest, unfortunately scoring only 4 foot (max) stuff. <Insert winge> how about that damn traffic coming home from north coast yesterday – #@$!!#@$ 5 hour drive turned in friggin 9 hours.<close winge>

Enough ramble. Swell has dropped off overnight leaving behind head high waves down at Bondi this morning. It was relatively clean and surfable. Not many crew out. 10:21 high tide will promote fatness…16:13 low tide. Cool wintery day (21 degrees max) with SE winds this afternoon. Swell increase mid week…sand banks look pretty good with our recent renovations.

Sunday – Swimmer missing off Bondi Beach
Bondi was max’ing on the weekend. A 25 year old man is still missing after being swept off Bondi on Sunday. The search for his body has failed to find anything. Apparently he wasn’t swimming in between the flags.

Earth Quake in Indonesia
2:15am today, a powerful earthquake struck off Indonesia’s west coast, killing nearly 300 people and sending panic across the Indian Ocean that another tsunami was on the way…

Seeya, ::Ugenius

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