Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bondi 7am – head high and bumpy
Bondi was a hive of activity this morning with bootie camps, morning walkers/joggers,
swimmers and surfers trying to suck in the last of the warm weather before
entering our mild Sydney winter (max 21 degrees today). The surf was bit
of a mush-fest, with stroppy head high chunx pushin’ out the odd whackable
pocket. Large crew for an average day (keen)…standard onshore South
Easterlies getting’ the better of it…weather looks good on the weekend
(27 on Saturday – yeha)…some decent size rockn’ into Sydney tomorrow
– its coming from the south again.

Correction to yesterdays email, the lost 25 year old man
taken from Bondi during the weekend was swimming in a flagged
before being separated by big waves after about 20 minutes.
Apologies for inaccurate information yesterday.

RUMPUS at the Eastern – Friday 1st April
Don’t be a fool this Friday, get yourself down to RUMPUS at THE
EASTERN to enjoy the sounds of Wonderland DJ’s Nick and Sara who
will be joined by Guest DJ Jules Beaumont. The lads and lass will be spinning
the finest, funky, electro house beats in the RUBY LOUNGE whilst downstairs
the Soulshaker crew dish up their sophisticated soul, funk and disco in
the CLASSIC BAR. After last weeks MASSIVE Easter Thursday party you’d
have to be a April fool to miss this one…

If you would like to apply for a membership to THE EASTERN which entitles
you to; guaranteed entry, no queuing and no cover charge on any night
(inc Rumpus) please just send your name and address to

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