Wednesday, March 02, 2005

How Psycho is the weather today? This morning
I woke to a burning inferno on the horizon and clear skies, and now as
I write (1 hour later) am amidst a violent thunderstorm with drenching
rain! Less activity in the ocean this morning as waves struggle to break
above your knee caps. Even if you’re keen, you won’t find
much…go for a swim.

Tonight the Bondi Open Air Cinema is showing ‘the
Motorcycle Diaries’
(only a few tickets left) followed by Thursday
3rd March ‘Kinsey ‘ Lets talk about Sex‘ and then Friday
night ‘4th Vampire Hunter D’ – a beautiful gothic anime.
The first 10 to email us on
win a free pass to Vampire Hunter D! More info on

On March 10 there’s a fantastic new surf movie being released called
Riding Giants
. Director Stacey Peralta created
the successful Dogtown and Z-boys skate
flicks. Riding Giants stars surfing legends Greg Noll, Laird Hamilton
and Peter Mel surfing some monster chunks. We’re
giving away 6 double passes for an exclusive screening next Wednesday
9th March,
where Stacey Peralta will be participating in a Q&A
session hosted by surf film legend Jack McCoy. Just answer this question,Q:
what famous skateboard brand did Director Stacey start in the late 70’s?
to email your answer, name and email address.

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