Thursday, March 17, 2005

Stood on the beach for 20 minutes at 8:30am and didn’t see anyone catch a wave. Guess that sums it up for ya. Beach was empty…thick clouds making it pretty dark to shoot anything of decent quality, rain wasn’t helping either…so I decided rather than show you borza shots of 3 guys bobbing up and down in the sloppy onshore waist high chunks…best show you some of my favourite shots from the past two years. Yep, just like a ‘Happy Days’ rerun. Tomorrow looks much much better surf wise…Alleluia.

Rumpus at the Eastern this Friday:
This Friday Wonderland Dj’s Nick and Simon Pog will be joined by guest DJ (and young hotshot) Tim Boffa. The guys will be laying down the finest, funkiest house music until 3am upstairs in the RUBY LOUNGE. THE EASTERN_500 OXFORD ST_ BONDI JUNCTION.

Baja Benny is serving fresh healthy tacos in Bondi Junga Thursday/Friday 8am to 6pm (near Commonwealth bank). So after a sess out at Bondi, fill up on these bad boys. Healthier option to the standard coke and pie. buy1get1free
Baja Benny's

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