Monday, March 21, 2005

At 6:40am my initial description would be random peaks, not really lining up and breaking well over head high on sets. You’d get the lucky odd one lining up…not going nuts but decent. However at 7:30am I witnessed a small pack hovering around a middle bank Bondi picking off some sweet lefties. Amongst a 6:15am high tide, fatness levels were surprisingly at a minimum. Actually some nice lil’ pockets on offer worthy of a boff. Thankfully the morning offshores offering some clean surfaces, but it will blow the good old SEster this afternoon. This week looks like fun…most days should have something on offer.

Unbelievable…another shark attack victim, 26 year old Geoff Brazier in WA. 6 metre tiger attacked him in the Abrolhos Islands group. Deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Read more

Pics may seem as little grainy today as I stuffed up one of the million settings on my camera. It’s a Canon 10D (more info in my FAQs).

Fellas, if you’re looking a lil’ shabby lately and havin’ no luck with the girls, I suggest picking up a new Aquabumps men’s tee. I’m running a chinatown style ‘special price‘ on men’s MEDIUM white subject line tees today. ($30 + postage) bargain! These tees are made in LA (sweatshop free) and are top quality. The print is my scribbly writing detailing all the subject lines from 2004 reports.

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