Friday, July 29, 2005

An exhausted south swell could only manage knee high dribbles down at Bondi this morning. Perfectly sunny, yet extremely chilly morning…heading towards a top of 19 degrees. A number of surfers out scrappin’ around on the knee high closeouts – not really doing a great deal. A left in the middle occasionally has something to play on, but I would suggest a Mal or Fish be your weapon of choice. High tide 3:08pm, Low tide 8:27am. Good day for beginners.

This weekend’s surf conditions look dire. I don’t even think the board will touch water. It will be even smaller tomorrow. I imagine there will be some loose man grommies out late this weekend…like the romantic couple captured in one of my shots today, mad pashing at sunrise after a big night at the Bondi Hotel (note: ciggie still in hand). Mannie & Ness – is that you again?
Yet, if one was looking for somewhere to hang on Saturday night with a good crew – Ruby Rabbit would be the go for the Aquabumps Mad Hatters Party. Thanks to Canadian Club and Malibu – they’d be a few potent cocktails floating around. We can only fit a limited number in the door – no guarantees. More info

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The last 24 hours have been interesting surfwise… Sydney had a ‘one-day-wonder’ swell visit yesterday. 7am yesterday – waist high, lunchtime head high, yesterday arvo 4-5 foot at south facing magnets (& good)…and this morning back to small waist high to occasionally chest high waves. Fun right-hander in the south end is producing some suction with a strong rip…few chunks hitting the bank properly and tubing. Large crowd on the tight peak early this a.m. Middles had a pretty good fun leftie too. Sun is shining, Max. 20, Light to moderate west to northwest winds. It’s all good. High tide 2:10pm, Low tide 7:39am. Similar tomorrow before fading away to another flat patch that’ll continue into the weekend.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New mini south swell rocked up today – nothing to get too excited about. Bondi was only around waist high…but I ended up shooting up at Palmy for some new stuff. Couple of knee to waist high waves in the middle of Palmy, bit bigger at Avalon…Curly is probably best pick on the north…and Bondi the pick of the south. Sunny day with SW winds which may swing SE later. Cooler day than yesterday – max 20. How good is this weather? High tide 1:15pm, Low tide 6:53am. Swell should increase this afternoon possibly producing a few fun ones.

Surf film ‘Drive Thru Europe’ @ North Bondi RSL tonight! – big nightNorth Bondi RSL 7:30pm 27th July – Soul Riders is back tonight for a special premiere for new release ‘Drive Thru Europe.’ It’s a pretty impressive lil’ film featuring an all star slider cast with Benji Weatherley, Rizal Tanjung, Ry Craike, Pat O’Connell & Kelly Slater getting the goods throughout Portugal, Italy, France & Spain. Second film on the night is Tailor Steele’s heavyweight ‘Campaign’ in preparation for the release of Campaign II which is due out in October. $5 for both flicks.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bondi 7am – flat.Our flat patch continues today. It’s about as small as it gets…Incredible sunrise and morning light. One of the best…

Fine weather today, max of 22 with moderate to fresh and gusty westerly winds. Swell should slightly come up tomorrow…still micro and suitable for beginners.

"Shark"A photo-art exhibitionRon and Valerie Taylor are the pioneers of shark photography. They are currently exhibiting at Underwater Australia Gallery, 1 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra until 31st July. View Preview Online

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Basically it’s flat. Surfing just isn’t an option today. To make up for today’s flatness we’ve got a cracker of a day. Whole 23 degrees of it! Perfect sunshine. Barely any wind … so get out there and soak it up. 1st pic today is heading straight to the pool room. Gold.

Surf action for the week looks poor. You won’t be getting any action until Fridayish. I reckon there’d be a few grumpy twitchn’ man grommies loitering in beach car parks this week kickn’ that tin can. Beam me up Scottie – and spit me out 100km off Sumatra. (opps that’s next month mwhahaha). Enough dribble.
Have a productive week…

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Swell has slipped another notch overnight. Peak in the middle and bergs corner providing some fun shoulder high sets. Large crowds out for the early. Big lulls in between decent sets. Fantastic sunny day…the run back to the car is pretty chilly. High tide 8:53am, Low tide 2:26pm. Super deluxe max. temp of 20 degrees today (gotta love our winters). Light north to northwest winds.

Swell is going to vanish for a few days…so it’ll be a good weekend to fix those dings, check out the Milo Snow event down Bondee, get a lil’ loose (easy Mannie…not too loose), change the manky summer’s wax that you’ve been slippin’ off or go shopping with the girlie for some brownie points. (you’ll probably bump into the Page boys…they’ve changed).
Last night, Loose bat nut and aerial grand master, Ozzie Wright & his girl Dashenka launched an exhibition of their recent works at Blank Space gallery, 374 Crown Street, Surry Hills. Show finishes 25th July so be quick. Their stuf* rocks. More
Check out da pricelist
Who say? Monkey say…cool online mag does story on tha bumps.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bondi 7am – frosty head high sets, clean, fun…Damn chilly morning. Surf looked pretty good this morning…considering the banks are pretty manky. The swell has decreased in size overnight once again… however it’s breaking quite clean and controlled down at Bondi. Sets were up around head high with two peaks, a right in the south and a combo peak in the middle. Heaps of fat spots, loads of flapping, few walling up on the inside. Light winds forecasted all day, max 18 degrees. Brrr Brrr. Hit a south facing magnet and you’ll score a few fun ones. High tide 8am low tide 1.30pm.

Tomorrow it’s going to drop again. So best make the most of it as we’re heading into a pretty small patch through the rest of the week.
Milo Snow Slam – Bondi Pavilion 23rd July Noon to sundownIt’s gonna snow down at Bondeee this weekend. 8 tonnes of powder will be dumped for the Milo Snow Slam event featuring Australia’s raddest snowboarders and skiers sliding their way down a massive rail. Starts 12pm – finishes sundown @ The beach pavilion Bondi.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The swell dropped slightly overnight leaving behind messy head high
waves this morning (few sets bigger). Real bad banks at Bondi –
so waves are pretty fat, lacking workable walls. The early morning
SW winds will swing SE and make a mess of today’s surfable conditions.
High tide was 7:05am and the low is at 12:36pm. Perhaps less water
will create less chubbiness. Fine sunny day. Max 18 degrees.

I’ve had some pretty serious email issues for the past 4 weeks…so
if you’ve sent a message in through the site and I haven’t
responded…it’s because I just got it last night.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Some hefty chunks breaking out the back of Bondi this morning. Sets around 6 foot solid. The ocean is looking pretty unsettled with loads of water thrashing around the place. Only two guys out in front of Icebergs picking off infrequent foamy faces mostly breaking left. This southern swell is larger than yesterday, and the gusty S/SW offshores continue to blow with extreme chill factor. Best bet is to go for a drive and find a south corner. Low tide 11:40am, high tide 6:23pm. Heading towards a max of 18 degrees today after a frosty night. Today is the biggest day of the week swell wise before declining over the next 3 days. Onshore S/SE winds will cause quality issues tomorrow whilst Thursday and Friday will be 1 foot ankle biters.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Avalon 8am – 4-5 foot (backs) sets, chilly offshore windsAfter a great weekend of waves, we continue with 4-5 footers at south facing beaches and SW offshore winds. Sun is shining…but its still damn cold down there. 5 guys out at South Avalon picking off a couple of bomb sets…looked a little fat, few long rides. Low tide is at 10:43am, with a 5:28pm high tide. Max temp. 17 degrees with fresh SW winds forecast for the rest of the day. Go surf – plenty of waves about.

Scored some hot waves out of town yesterday in secret southern protected corner. Check pics:

For the camera boffins, I’ve been shooting lately with the new Canon zoom 70-200mm F2.8 IS USM (Thanks Phil). Have to say I rate it. Incredibly sharp, fast and auto focus is reliable. Best thing is it’s light enough to hand hold in a dinghy for Indo trip and fast enough to capture snaps at low light (Indo is always overcast). Occasionally it locks up with my 10D, but nothing to get too worried about. Auto-Focus is reasonably responsive with the 2x extender – sometimes AF wonders off into space. You’ll drop about $3k to get one unless you go offshore. Read more reviews on Fred & Miranda.

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Bondi is sucking the most out of this south swell – but it’s got
absolutely nothing to break on. Sets above head high…quite consistent.
The banks are dire – basically producing closeouts. Perfectly clean
conditions with a gentle offshores again…gotta get in the car
today to find south facing beach with super banks…
High tide 2:41pm, Low tide 8am, Temp 18 degrees (feels
colder), Max of 17 degrees on land, WSW winds…heaps of sunshine!
Swell is on the up for the weekend…

Keep Saturday night, 30th July free, party in the
brew @ Ruby Rabbit on Oxford Street. More details
to come…

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bondi 7am – crap banks, head high and offshoreReal nice conditions with a gentle offshore, clean surfaces and a swell lining up better than yesterday. Sets are around head high – still suffering from fatness. Banks have been rearranged in the recent large swell and they’re not favouring us. I would bake it out of town to score some waves today – fun to be had at south facing beaches.

Westerly winds forecasted for today, Max 18, fine and partly cloudy. High tide 1:48pm, Low tide 7:19am with 18 degree water. Weekend looks like fun!
Loose street label Modern Amusement has now landed on our shores. Bright colours, new cuts, rad boardies. Love it. Available at General Pants.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Swell has hung around overnight producing some decent sets out the
back of Bondi this morning (saw a couple double head high sets).
Right hander working from the southern corner…but its fat…real
porky style…even with a 6:39am low tide. Kinda wave that you take
off with anticipation of some hackable wall, but when you get to
your feet you can only do a couple of soft cutties back to the foam
and hope the inside closeout section provide some joy. It’s still
surfable and fun. Not many crew out in the chilly conditions. High
tide is 1pm which will make mini burgers in fatter burgers, 18 degrees
with moderate North West winds. Perhaps towards the 6:39pm low again
might provide some goodies. Need sand banks…Smaller but surfable
tomorrow and Friday.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

With an overnight decline in swell height, today we left with more surfable conditions. The seas are still pretty unsettled creating bumpiness – yet protected corners will still be drawing energy creating surfable waves. I would be checking something like North Bondi (or South Bondi if you don’t mind copping a few on the head).

Manly/Collaroy should also have a few…high tide 12:12pm, low tide 6:01am, Fine, cloudy 18 degrees. Light to moderate north to northwest winds. Swell will continue this downward trend for the rest of the week – but few fun ones at south facing beaches all week (shoulder high at least).
Check out Miss Bondi (Rachael Fenech) on the cover of the latest Inside Sport. Easy tigers…
The Billabong Pro-Jbay starts officially today in South Africa…hope the swell comes up for it! (*aliens—–>south of de border)

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Swell has chunked up overnight – Not many options over our side today …so had a little look around the north side. Best wave was at Collaroy and perhaps South Steyne. Heaps of grunt in this south storm swell – some 10-12 foot faces out the back at southern exposed beaches. Collaroy had cleaner, controlled head high waves breaking off the pool corner. You’ll need to seek protected corners unless you’re a hell man and like paddling 40 minutes against monsta foam ball to get out the back. Chilly winters south-southwest winds tending westerly later tonight. Max 16 degrees. Size will drop considerably tomorrow… but if the seas settle, could be something decent…

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Bondi 7am – ankle to knee high dribbles, fuhgetaboutit
****late report due to my server blowing a gasket****
Bondi pancakes today…if you wait 20 minutes for ‘wave of the day’
you’ll get something surf(ish)able. Other than that, nice morning
pink sunrise, silky glass conditions with next to no wind. BOM predicting
easterly winds this arvo which is probably the worst combo – small,
and onshore. Bit chilly with a top of 16 today. Rug up.
Sunday will erupt with strong gusty S/SW winds and
some building beefy south swell. Seek protection and you might find
a head high play out of the wind.
This Sunday the Bondi Board Riders
are holding there double AA rated competition. Looks like there
should be a few waves for it, so get down there to see some of the
hottest local talent shred the leftie wonder bank which we’ve been
currently blessed with in the south end. The boyz usually have a
DJ pumping out the choons from 8am onwards…can’t miss em.
Get quite a few emails enquiring who shoots these
photos and writes the ramble. Well that be me…I’ve included a
shot of me shooting this morning to clear up the confusion. MOwowwhahah.
Keep the night of Sat 30th July free…there
be a party brewing…I’ll be wearing me new beret. *
Y00j (p.s. tsubi sale starts
tomorrow,422 Cleveland St, Slurry Hills,10 – 4pm)

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

What a day. Salubrious. Yesterday afternoon we had a mini spike in swell which only hung around for about 6 hours…one-day-wonder-hoax. This morning the swell rang out of juice only producing waves around waist high – very inconsistently. Our lil’ leftie wonder bank struggled to produce the goods today after several days of joy. It’s going to be 21 degrees – soak it up as we’re about to enter a cold rainy spell for a few days. High tide 8:55am Low tide 2:16pm. Swell direction ESE. Light NW winds all day.

The change in weather is going to bring swell (and wind). Expect big stuff (6 foot) on Sunday accompanied with 30 knots of southerly. Perhaps mega protected corners (e.g. Palmy & Manly).
Don’t forget about Soul Riders surf film festival tonight – 7th July North Bondi RSL – tonight 7:30pm $5. Surf films ‘Broken Down Melody’ (which is HOT) and ‘Adrift’ will be showing.
33South are having a monster sale at their Oxford Street Store in Paddo. Everything is $29.99! Yeeoow.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Joy morning with perfect sunshine and light offshores. If you live
in a city where you can go for a swim/surf before work in the middle
of winter with out a dry suit, I reckon you’re on a good wicket.
Big impatient crowd this morning sitting on the 1 peak in the south,
waiting for the occasional shoulder high set. Big lulls, and when
they rocked on through you’d be accompanied with 2-3 other
surfers sampling your glide. My call would be to wait for the morning
rush hour to finish (now) or better still cruze to a break facing
ESE attracting this small swell and pick off some fun ones. It’s
going to be 20 today, light to moderate north to northwest winds,
high tide 8:16am, Low tide 1:37pm.
are having a monster sale at their Oxford Street Store in Paddo.
Everything is $29.99!

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

July 05, 2005
An inconsistent ESE swell occasionally pumps a shoulder high glassy
one into Bondi. Large crowds and long waits in between substantial
sets may be a deterrent. Gentle offshores creating a silky smooth
surface quality…fun bank in the south end. Decent little pockets
with the odd shack.
BOM predicting NE winds later in the day. Nice day,
top of 19, high tide 7.35am, Low tide 12:57pm with 18 degree water
Mundaka Surf Spot – disappearing
What tha? Surf breaks [email protected]#$ Europe’s golden left hander
just isn’t working anymore. Read

Surfing the Zambezi
Our endless search for uncrowded waves has taken a few surfers to
the Zambezi river, Africa, where they get shacked on some amazing…well…kinda
breaks. Zambezi wipe outs give new meaning to ‘getting sucked
over the falls…’check
video footage

Soul Riders – Thursday night 7th July
– screening ALL time fav surf flick Broken Down Melody.
Really gotta see this film if you haven’t already. $5 entry at 7:30pm.
Adrift will also be screening.
Adios, *Ugios (south of the border)

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Even with post indo blues it looked like fun out at Bondi this morning. A little left in the southern corner was working – sucking the most of this small ESE swell. Couple nice little pockets on offer – even saw a shack on the inside bank. This is the best conditions for this week, as its looks pretty lame tues-Fri. (boo). Winds offshore (SW) and we’re heading to a top of 19 today. Winter Super Sydney sunshine continues… high tide 6:50am, low tide 12:15pm, water has got a chill at 18. Brrrr.

— Check out this rad indoor wave pool. Let’s all chip in and get one next to the skate ramp… view video mayhem

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Friday, July 01, 2005

In stark contrast to yesterday’s torrential rain, today we’re
blessed with clear skies and gentle offshore breezes making for
a good surf day. Bondi had some decent waves rolling into the bay,
the southern end was larger and wilder than the tame lefts in the
northern corner. Very few crew out – fun to be had. I would
throw a couple of boards in the back of the wagon, crank the stezza
and roll up at a deserted out of town break which is breaking a
bit more predictable than Bondee. High tide 4:40pm, Low tide 10am,
NW winds with a maximum land temp of 19 degrees. Tomorrow looks
great, but this swell is not hanging around for long. Bit of a one
day wonder…

is back for this year. Yup, Maddoggie is pumping out reports once
a week from the mountains. If you haven’t already, subscribe
you sick of the cold weather already and been frothn’ over them
Indo tube shots, better book a trip to Bali for a fix. Here’s a
friends villa up fror rent in Canggu. Available – July 6th to 18th,
Sept 18th to Oct 3rd, December 15th to Jan 9th. View
villa website

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