Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Swell has hung around overnight producing some decent sets out the
back of Bondi this morning (saw a couple double head high sets).
Right hander working from the southern corner…but its fat…real
porky style…even with a 6:39am low tide. Kinda wave that you take
off with anticipation of some hackable wall, but when you get to
your feet you can only do a couple of soft cutties back to the foam
and hope the inside closeout section provide some joy. It’s still
surfable and fun. Not many crew out in the chilly conditions. High
tide is 1pm which will make mini burgers in fatter burgers, 18 degrees
with moderate North West winds. Perhaps towards the 6:39pm low again
might provide some goodies. Need sand banks…Smaller but surfable
tomorrow and Friday.

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