Tuesday, July 12, 2005

With an overnight decline in swell height, today we left with more surfable conditions. The seas are still pretty unsettled creating bumpiness – yet protected corners will still be drawing energy creating surfable waves. I would be checking something like North Bondi (or South Bondi if you don’t mind copping a few on the head).

Manly/Collaroy should also have a few…high tide 12:12pm, low tide 6:01am, Fine, cloudy 18 degrees. Light to moderate north to northwest winds. Swell will continue this downward trend for the rest of the week – but few fun ones at south facing beaches all week (shoulder high at least).

Check out Miss Bondi (Rachael Fenech) on the cover of the latest Inside Sport. Easy tigers…

The Billabong Pro-Jbay starts officially today in South Africa…hope the swell comes up for it!
(*aliens—–>south of de border)

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