Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Some hefty chunks breaking out the back of Bondi this morning. Sets around 6 foot solid. The ocean is looking pretty unsettled with loads of water thrashing around the place. Only two guys out in front of Icebergs picking off infrequent foamy faces mostly breaking left. This southern swell is larger than yesterday, and the gusty S/SW offshores continue to blow with extreme chill factor. Best bet is to go for a drive and find a south corner. Low tide 11:40am, high tide 6:23pm. Heading towards a max of 18 degrees today after a frosty night. Today is the biggest day of the week swell wise before declining over the next 3 days. Onshore S/SE winds will cause quality issues tomorrow whilst Thursday and Friday will be 1 foot ankle biters.

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