Friday, July 22, 2005

Swell has slipped another notch overnight. Peak in the middle and bergs corner providing some fun shoulder high sets. Large crowds out for the early. Big lulls in between decent sets. Fantastic sunny day…the run back to the car is pretty chilly. High tide 8:53am, Low tide 2:26pm. Super deluxe max. temp of 20 degrees today (gotta love our winters). Light north to northwest winds.

Swell is going to vanish for a few days…so it’ll be a good weekend to fix those dings, check out the Milo Snow event down Bondee, get a lil’ loose (easy Mannie…not too loose), change the manky summer’s wax that you’ve been slippin’ off or go shopping with the girlie for some brownie points. (you’ll probably bump into the Page boys…they’ve changed).

Last night, Loose bat nut and aerial grand master, Ozzie Wright & his girl Dashenka launched an exhibition of their recent works at Blank Space gallery, 374 Crown Street, Surry Hills. Show finishes 25th July so be quick. Their stuf* rocks. More

Check out da pricelist

Who say? Monkey say…cool online mag does story on tha bumps.

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