Thursday, July 07, 2005

What a day. Salubrious. Yesterday afternoon we had a mini spike in swell which only hung around for about 6 hours…one-day-wonder-hoax. This morning the swell rang out of juice only producing waves around waist high – very inconsistently. Our lil’ leftie wonder bank struggled to produce the goods today after several days of joy. It’s going to be 21 degrees – soak it up as we’re about to enter a cold rainy spell for a few days. High tide 8:55am Low tide 2:16pm. Swell direction ESE. Light NW winds all day.

The change in weather is going to bring swell (and wind). Expect big stuff (6 foot) on Sunday accompanied with 30 knots of southerly. Perhaps mega protected corners (e.g. Palmy & Manly).

Don’t forget about Soul Riders surf film festival tonight – 7th July North Bondi RSL – tonight 7:30pm $5. Surf films ‘Broken Down Melody’ (which is HOT) and ‘Adrift’ will be showing.

33South are having a monster sale at their Oxford Street Store in Paddo. Everything is $29.99! Yeeoow.

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