Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Joy morning with perfect sunshine and light offshores. If you live
in a city where you can go for a swim/surf before work in the middle
of winter with out a dry suit, I reckon you’re on a good wicket.
Big impatient crowd this morning sitting on the 1 peak in the south,
waiting for the occasional shoulder high set. Big lulls, and when
they rocked on through you’d be accompanied with 2-3 other
surfers sampling your glide. My call would be to wait for the morning
rush hour to finish (now) or better still cruze to a break facing
ESE attracting this small swell and pick off some fun ones. It’s
going to be 20 today, light to moderate north to northwest winds,
high tide 8:16am, Low tide 1:37pm.

are having a monster sale at their Oxford Street Store in Paddo.
Everything is $29.99!

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