Hi there. Wow. Special morning. If you slept in you’d be kicking yourself as not only was it bakin’ hot and clear skies… that expected swell spike arrived and produced fun (not perfect) waves in the 2-3 foot vicinity. Ok, so it’s quite weak and fat due to a 7 sec wave period, but throw on some boardies and you’ve got yourself a good time.
If you’ve missed the morning session there will be nothing left this afternoon – it’s dropping off – fast. The weekend looks worse – I reckon 0.5ft all weekend…no good for the Bondi BoardRiders comp. Maybe go see heat 2 of Miss Bondi at the Beach Road hotel on Sunday 2:30pm.
Or..start some Christmas shopping at the Aquabumps gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach. Telephone 9130 7788 (open all weekend 10am to 6pm). We’ve hotted up our online buying website so you can size things up, and even check out what it would look like on your lounge wall. Fancy.
Have a great weekend, uge

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There’s not a lot doing down the beach this morning. Overcast skies dominated, the usual suspects scrapped over a 2 foot left towards the middle and the ‘dozer is out pushing sand up against the concrete wall to conceal any exposed concrete reo.
Swell is from the ENE so I reckon the Bra might have a bit more punch…but it’s still tiny and weak. Wave period is 5.6 (that’s wind chop). Little spike tomorrow morning before a weekend of micro conditions. Mostly sunny conditions with 25 degrees forecasted – nice.
Winds will blow later today – 20 knots of Nor-easterly.
Bondi Style Book
A friend has launched a book called BONDI STYLE. It’s good. It’s a snapshot of life in Bondi and interviews with all the interesting people that hang around here – with a focus on fashion. You can get yourself a copy here for the bargain price of $39.95 or go to Ariel, Berkelouw, Icebergs Dining, NBI or Zabbriskie. More info
4 Short Surf Movies at BRH
Tracks Mag are puttin’ on 4 short movies this Saturday night in Bondi. Rob Norman is featuring his piece on our two hot young stars, Perth Standlick and Wyllie Moyes called “At the End of the Day”. Storm Surfers will also be showing their latest batch from Tassie (Carroll, Clarke-Jones and local lifeguard Kobi Graham) by Chris Nelius and Justin McMillan. This Saturday the 28th November, 8pm, Beach Road Hotel.
Summer Touch
Touchy footy has arrived to the beaches of Sydney…click here to read more

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the wolf

For a small east swell there sure were plenty of waves on offer this morning. Bondi was only 2 foot, but decent. A left in the middle provided some fun ones all the way to the beach and a southern corner right had the odd section. With warm weather, no wind and plenty of sunshine there’s every reason to get down for a dip/surf.
Max 25 degrees today, winds will blow 15 knots NE later, water temp. 20, high tide 3pm, low tide 8:45am.
Some of my mates say I haven’t been the same since Vooey reef took a divot out of my head. Maybe lost a bit of brain matter…who knows…but I definitely know I saw a Werewolf down at Bondi this morning attempting to paddle out in a fancy suit and I don’t eat mushies.
So you want to do your Christmas Shopping at the Aquabumps gallery…well, I just want to reiterate that you will need to place custom orders soon and give us a 3 week production lead time. You can check out our online catalogue here (which we’ve revamped), size things up, check out prices and search for something suitable…oh hell, just call Aimee on 02 9130 7788 and get em a gift voucher. We’re open every day 10am to 6pm (except Monday) and you’ll find us at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach (behind the Bondi Hotel worksite). Still lost? Map
Enjoy today. It’s good outside. How strange was that 9am mist?
Adios, ::Ugios

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Onshore darkness

The onshores have turned on, making a mess of Bondi this morning. The odd 2 footer was on offer down there with very few out. Pretty wet and grey day. Some say this is Bondi at its best and the only time you’ll get a wave without 5 others on it.
Caleb Reid, probably one of the most talented shredders in the eastern suburbs paddled out after 8 weeks on the injury bench. The 21 year old is lightning fast, originally from Bronte and now moved to Bondi…you’ll be seeing a lot more of him…
Wintery day, 22, the coldest day of the week, but the heat will return Wednesday and cook on Friday to 34 degrees. Surf looks disappointing until next Monday.
Miss Bondi ’09
The search for Miss Bondi started last Sunday…yep, heat 1 photos are up on Aquabumps…fellas try not take the server down. It’s on again this Sunday at 2:30pm, at the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi. See Photos
Christmas Fest for Friends Charity event to benefit The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, Randwick is on Thursday Dec 03. The event is an extension of the Christmas Fest for Friends, a phenomenal event in Austria for 13 years. www.christmasfestforfriends.com.au
Surfing Suits
Surfaid are having a party this Wednesday “Surfing Suits” 25th Nov at 7pm til late. It’s being held at the Supper Club and Kaboodle, Kings Cross. For an official invite donate $50 to SurfAid International. Special guests such as Occy…see you there.

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If the sweltering heat of last night didn’t keep you awake last night, the search party choppers sure did. 2 guys went for a swim last night, 1 split off and decided to swim ashore – then went home to return to the couch (without telling his buddy)…meanwhile, the lone swimmer called a full scale search – rescue choppers (x2), police boats, ambos, police where in full force. I reckon that search would have costed 30 gees at least. Moral of the story – if you’re planning a night time bay lap, maybe let someone know. And maybe night time isn’t the best time to do so.
Back to waves, well the southerly has rolled in to cool the furnace of yesterday. 25 knots of blow kicked up some wind waves for the early – but it’s super mushy and random. The fact that no one was out says it all. Onshore and cool again tomorrow. In fact this whole week doesn’t look that great for surfers.
Best book your Mentawai boat trip on Tengirri. Go early season 2010 and avoid the crowds. www.tengirri.com or ant

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The maximum temperature forecasted for today is 30 degrees…but it felt that hot at 6:30am this morning so maybe the Bureau boys have some broken dials. It is hot. Damn hot. You’ll break into a sweat just walking down the hill this morning…so a swim/longboard is the essential cool off.
New swell direction today, NE. Swell period is low and wind waves on offer 1-2ish feet. Bondi is neglecting the swell source and will be better served at exposed beaches such at Maroubra today.
The weekend looks hot again with a steamy 39 degrees forecasted for Sunday. Still NE swell and NE winds…you might find the odd local wave at certain times – Sunday being bigger than Saturday – but all in all – it’s a beach weekend.
If you’re coming down to Bondi, I’ve hung some new artworks on the gallery walls…the helicopter shots have been replaced with some good old wave shots taken from the drink. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach Map Telephone 02-9130 7788. If you’re planning to give Aquabumps artworks away for xmas, you need to give us 3 weeks to make your orders, so drop by and check out what’s on offer. Open Sat/Sun 10am to 6pm
Jules at Surfection Mosman has some mega deals on this weekend…shortboards from $495, fishes from $595…springies from $89. Do it.
1st Heat of Miss Bondi is on this Sunday (22 Nov) at the Beach Road Hotel. Starts at 2:30pm.
I have new toys from Canon…some great new glassware.

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Thursdee peaks

Cookin’ with gas out there today…even though quite a few crew said it’s not that great as they came out of the water (I’m still landlocked until stitches heal from my recent reef lobotomy – oh diddums I hear you say).
This is the last day of this week’s strong south swell before switching to a fruity NE swell. Enjoy the 3 foot peaks around south facing beaches. Winds: strong 20 knots Nw/NE winds, low tide 5pm high tide 10:30am. Water warm 20 degrees suitable for boardies and a vest.

2010 Mentawai season is nearing. I’m heading out there early in the year before most of the boats have started their season (uncrowded). There is a still a few early season spots left with the knuckles on Tengirri – in my opinion, one of the best operators in the islands. See their website, www.tengirri.com or email ant
I got a pile of email about this shot from Monday night’s storm…well, you can buy it here
Seeya, uge

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Best be outside today – the southerlies have stopped. The weather is 25, mild, warm and just nice. The waves are 3-4 foot, dead south swell and a hell of a lot cleaner than yesterday with northerlie grooming breezes. To top it off the crowds are minimal out at Bondi and there are peaks all over the joint. Spread yourselves up and down this coastline, I am sure you’d fine some decent waves today to distract you from your cubicle duties.
Enjoy :: uge

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That violent southerly change last night was something special. Spectacular. A sausage cloud rolled over from Tama bringing rain, lightning and a serious gale. Unfortunately it’s ruined the clean surfaces of yesterday and halved the swell to the 4-5 foot range. Bondi still wasn’t much fun and not handling the larger conditions – pass.
Tomorrow the winds go north again – dang – so the good times will roll.
Jhyimy “Two Hats” “Bondi Caveman”
It’s no secret, Jhyimy “Two Hats” Mhiyles (or Peter James Paul Millhouse), 54, has been charged with sexually assaulting a 21 year old girl on Sunday 1st Nov 2009. He denies the allegations and has been refused bail. Jhyimy “Two Hats” is the guy that lives on the cliffs at South Bondi that cameo’s in most of my morning shots. He’s been living up there for 10 years…well, a mate of mine Paul shot a video of him on his last night up at the cliffs – only a couple of hours before the alleged incident. See Video

PS – my head is fine. Thanks for all the emails. I’ve never hit the reef so hard with my head before. Out of the water for 7 days.

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slabby ledge wedges

WOW. Sorry about the late update – I have a good excuse this time…
A dead south ground swell has come up strong overnight, and is in full swing. Between 10am and 1pm it was pounding our coast hard. Bondi is completely useless with this size, as was most of the surrounding beaches…so a little drive was really the only option. So today’s pics come from a slabbin’ reef, which was insanely heavy around 11am. My call would be 6-8 foot solid sets. Really difficult getting a decent shot in the water (ok I muffed up) so my pics won’t best demonstrate what is actually happening out there. Took out a wide angle lens, and pretty much swam in circles for 2 hours – well – before a macdaddy set drove me into the reef giving me 5 stitches…note to self, use a longer lens when there’s plenty of water moving (on very shallow ledges).
It will halve by tonight and swing onshore for tomorrow (southerly change coming 2nite), but Wed should be fun and in more control.
Have a good day. 31 degrees out there and 10,000 people on Bondi beach bakin’ it up.
Adios, ugios (with a little chip in the scone)

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The Southerly Switch

Sydney’s cooling south changes are spectacular. You know when it’s a steamy hot day there is a fair chance of a radical blow later in the afternoon. Within minutes the beach transforms from a postcard like dreamy afternoon, to howling onshores, rain and a deserted beach – like last night around 6pm.
This new south change didn’t bring any waves with it – that’s for sure. 1ft-chop-hop is on offer and nobody is biting. Forget-about-it. Wait for next week, where Monday to Wednesday is looking mighty fine.
This weekend looks dire for surfing. Better weekend just to hang down the beach as we’ll hit high twenties and the water is a salubrious 20. MONDAY IS GOING TO BE 36 BANGING Degrees – might have to get the chopper out for the early on Monday morning.
Single Fin Classic Wrap up
The 5th Beach Road Hotel Single Fin Classic was held last Saturday. 96 surfers competed in the 2-3 foot waves, with a large contingent of old Bondi surfers flying in from interstate and overseas to compete in the Masters Division. As always a great display of surfing was turned on with a very high standard from the first round. With the tunes on all day, including live band To The Next in the afternoon, the hill was packed with spectators and surfers. An unscheduled appearance by the Wu Tang clan on stage with the band was a highlight of the event closing the final stages with everyone up and dancing.(Read Adam Gibson’s take on the day)
Good to see everyone chip in and make it work for the surfing community with all money raised going to Bondi Boardriders club. Organisers Ben and Beau are especially grateful to Rick Scott, Grant Walker, Al Tucker, Catherine Davies, Helsy, Christie, Angie, Georgia, Q Sevastos, Carly Walker, Stodsy, Charles Cowan, Cooper and Bush, Big Tommy, Hideous Creature, Reg, Adam Gibbo, Cisco, Pete McGregor, Platty, Vuko, Bucky, Pama, Blake, Matt Dirt, the Beamie bros, Eddie Scott, and Zane Johnston. Plus all the sponsors too: Beach Road, Krack, Surf Culture, Gracie Jiu Jitsu Bronte, Electric, Dakine, Lost, DVS, Totally Adult, Excel, and Greenstuff.

Clancy Dawson
Ian Wallace
Craig Robinson


Mikey Beam
Nick Pearson
David Davidson.


Allison Potter
Jo-Ann Alchin
Nikki Campbell

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The good weather keeps on bangin’ on. Top of 28 today, but the clouds will roll in with a late southerly change bringing in a possible thunderstorm.
Perfect day for a dip (with the camera)…1 footers on offer, and for some strange reason I saw a shoulder high smoker crank to the beach, but it was a 1 off so don’t freak out.
No swell until next Monday where something is cooking at South face beaches.
Sunday 15th Nov – Big yogi day out
Yoga Aid Challenge is on this Sunday at Sydney’s Botanical Gardens (8:30am to 11am) then a concert in the evening at the Bondi Pavilion (6:30pm). All ticket sales going to charity. More info

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Not much doin’ down the beach this morning. Drove around to a few beaches and then returned back to Bondi to find the only rideable wave was 1 foot, with infrequent 1.3 foot sets. Looks pretty flat for a while as the new season kicks in.
At 6:30am it was jaw dropping to watch the pre-work-crowds go nuts with exercise. The beach was a hive of activity, yoga, tai chi, soft sand jogging, walking the dog, bootie camps, personal trainers…phew – we’re in full swing to shed the winter excess baggage.
A lot of people are asking me about our recent Manly chopper shoot – and when the images are going to be up – well, sorry, we’re onto it. Shot about 1,000 images and just sifting through them.
30 degrees on Sunday. How good ::uge

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Cracker morning down the beach…sat down there for nearly and hour, barely saw a wave come through above your knee caps and then Justin paddles out and BAM! pulls out some aerobatics. So I guess is must be surfable, but you’d have to be extremely patient. Perhaps 1 decent 2 footer every hour. Perfect day for a swim before work though – looks like thousands of people agree with me.
The swell direction is ENE, so places like the Bra would have more to offer than south facing Bondeye. Land max 24 degrees (even though it feels that hot already), Mostly fine conditions. NW winds, swinging NE 13-18 knots later today. High tide 3:20pm, low tide 9am. Nothing on the swell radar – small for another week.
The new lifeguards down at Bondi aren’t too shabby. Looks like the boys have headed off to Hollywood to pursue their tv careers and we’ve got a team of female lifeguards straight off the Baywatch set. Bet there’ll be a few fake rescues this summer.
Manly tsunami? A study has found that continental shelf movements could send a tsunami to Sydney that would swamp the low-lying suburb of Manly. More Info
Later :: uge

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Quiet time

Today is shaping up to be a nice day… early morning cloud dominated the scene around 7am – but all good now. The winds are light making for some clean conditions down at Bondi. At 10am the sunshine is out bakin’ (max 24). Bondi has gone all quiet as the masses make their way into the big smoke (yes!). Perfect time to slip down the beach, sample the odd 1 to 2 footer on a fat slab of fibreglass…It’s not fantastic, just breaking, but a real nice day.
Big Wednesday is showing tonight at Ivy’s outdoor cinema. Dine under the stars, what the surf cult film and have a drink – all for $35. Phone 9240 3000 (Ash Street Cellar, Ivy, Ash St. Sydney 2000) – after sunset. More info on the Outdoor Cinema @ Ivy.

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Bondi Collage

Bondi cracks me up. There is ALWAYS something going on down there in the morning. Well today started like most others of this week – 2-3 foot onshore slop, overcast skies, Jono + Wal + Kirby + Andrej were out ripping (the usuals)…vmmmmpt…hang on, a giant transformer figure (25 foot high) is plonked on the beach (no idea why)…then…eh?…was that a couple going for gold in the car park – yep….confirmed…wow…they’ve probably just rolled out of the Bondi hotel. Summer silly season is here in Bondi. No helicopters trying to fix sculptures though – morning off.
Don’t get too excited about surfing today. The onshores are making a real mess. Sunday looks to be clean. Saturday the Bondi Single Fin classic is on and I strongly recommend you coming down to watch it – it really is hilarious and one of the best days in Bondi. 70’s outfits, 70’s dancing, 70’s boards…
The Aquabumps gallery is open all weekend as usual 10am to 6pm. Come see Sculptures by the Sea and finish in the gallery. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach Telephone 9130 7788.
Using a new lens today – Canon F1.4 24mm – hot!

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Even though it’s onshore – there is a decent little wave out there this morning.
A fickle shallow bank was throwing out the odd tube section…but you had to pick the right double up.
I’d say it’s 3 foot, E/SE onshore, High tide: 10:30am, low tide 5:10pm
Sun popped out for about 10 minutes before a black storm cloud rolled over and now seems settled. Only 20 degrees today.
Helicopter off Mark’s Park has been hovering around for hours now (hate to foot that fuel bill). Have no idea what they’re up to with that tow rope. Any ideas?
At 11am today, down at Bondi, Rasta and his buddies complete their 700 kilometre sea kayak paddle from Byron. Why? To raise awareness about Japanese Whaling in the southern oceans. There is a mass paddle out organised, and everyone is invited. That’s like in about an hour or so…so get down there. Meet at the Lifeguard tower. More
Big Wednesday
Surf Cult Film, Big Wednesday, will be showing at the Ash St Cellar next Monday night. $35 = movie + tapas + drink more info

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The overnight south change has put out the fire of yesterday’s soaring temperatures (thankfully). How about that heat yesterday. Madness. Cooking. Like standing in an oven. There would have been a whole lotta sweaty, thirsty, frocked up Melbourne cup punters with massive-dehydrated hangovers today.
Drink water. Plenty.
With the cooling south change came wind and wind-waves. Bondi was 2-3 foot this morning – bit skanky and random – but surfable. Fair crowd out there already.
After inspecting the charts, I can safely say there is going to be waves for the next 5 days all falling in the 3-4 foot range (from the south). The problem is the wind, which looks to be mostly onshore. Saturday looks 3 feet and potentially north-offshores for the Single Fin Classic down at Bondi (good).
Random bits

SMH reports that a man was charged with sexually assaulting a 21 year old girl down at Bondi beach last night
Transparentsea arrives in Bondi tomorrow. (Rasta and crew paddling from Byron to raise awareness about Japanese whaling). Big paddle out 11am tomorrow – everyone welcome to support just grab a board
Radiator is doing Aquabumps readers deals – short sleeve vest for $73, long sleeve $83 order direct from manufacturer online
Check out this panoramic zoom shot of Sculptures by the Sea View


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Alcopop – yep that’s my pick for the big race today. I don’t have much of a clue though so don’t invest the grocery money. Good luck punters.
Incredible morning, warm and humid as we head to a top of 37 degrees today. That’s no typo – 37 degrees today. Take the day off, enjoy the cup and go for a swim.
You wouldn’t think there was a wave out there today (looked flat) – well, every 15 minutes a set rolled through that was surfable. Say 1-2 foot…but hey, better than nothing.
Sculptures by the Sea has started for another year. The small path between Bondi and Tama is jam packed. 5am in the morning is the best time to view the art creations – some interesting stuff this year.
Bondi got flash mobbed last Friday. I got tipped off early, waited an hour for it to start and had to get back to work…didn’t think much of it…but then checked Youtube and 100,000 have viewed it! So I thought I’d throw another 30,000 at it – check it out
You’re invited to paddle with Rasta and the Transparentsea crew at Bondi this Thursday 5th November. Word on the street is they’re trying to gather 1,000 surfers for the paddleout.
Rasta and the Transparentsea team have paddled sea kayaks 700km from Byron Bay to Bondi to raise awareness about Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean. On the morning of Thursday 5th November they invite all surfers to help them paddle the final leg into Bondi Beach. Grab any craft you can and celebrate this monumental voyage. Where? Bondi Beach, meet at the Rescue Tower. When? 5th Nov. 10am for an 11am paddle out. Who? Any able body with a board that floats! More information contact JJ Transparentsea media manager +61(0)421 384 431 www.transparentseavoyage.com

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Summer chaos

Not much to write about this morning. There was no light, no sunrise and no waves – bit like my mate Sam – personality-less. (only kiddin’ pal)
Yesterday was an incredible beach day though. Half of Sydney was down there – oh boy – spinning rims, big mufflers, bangin’ stereos, big sunnies and baby oil were the order of the day. Bondi was in chaos and is still recovering. I’ve never seen the traffic banked from Bondi to Bondi Junction before. Wow.
The chopper ride yesterday wasn’t our greatest – the howling northerly wind wasn’t ideal. Some protected corners at Freshie, Manly and Curly were the focus and here are a few snaps from that mission. More coming. (takes time)
Have a great week. 35 degrees tomorrow. Wow.

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