Hot right with plenty of potential


Best be outside today – the southerlies have stopped. The weather is 25, mild, warm and just nice. The waves are 3-4 foot, dead south swell and a hell of a lot cleaner than yesterday with northerlie grooming breezes. To top it off the crowds are minimal out at Bondi and there are peaks all over the joint. Spread yourselves up and down this coastline, I am sure you’d fine some decent waves today to distract you from your cubicle duties.

Enjoy :: uge

Garrick, hacking lifeguard tower rights

Jhyimy “Two Hats” Mhiyles camp is being packed up


Raking off the bottom on a decent left

13 thoughts on “Revert

  1. Hi guys,
    I feel sick about what is going on with Jhyimy “Two Hats” Mhiyle is there anything as a community we can do to offer some support.

    Let me know if anyone is interested.

  2. sorry Heidi , but that wacko who chose to drop out of society, now on trial for rape; what can you do to help him?

    sure start up a group to get him established back into society (if he gets off the RAPE charge), with the help of some serious physiatric help, you maybe able to help him.

    sure he might have been iconic and added to the “uberness of Bondi” but he did bad things!?!?!?

    would you be looking to help a man who allegedaly raped a relative?

    sorry, but glad the coastline is back to normal

  3. Heidi you have fallen for the ‘romantic image’ painted by the media of the aptly descibed ‘wacko’. Put ‘poetry’ and ‘long-term local together’ and suddenly an image arises of a nice old fellow sitting up there contemplating life. The reality? A disgusting old man lving in a cave full of rubbish rats cockroaches and his own filth, who was hosed and told to get away by one of the beach cleaners one Sunday morning for urinating in the park at the south end of the beach in full view of passers by.

    As a community member you could take him into your home and care for him IF he gets off the rape charge.

  4. troubled is correct. No one knows if is guilty. And henge, their aint notin wrong with how he chose to live his life and ‘drop out of society’ he’s loving it

  5. I would love to comment on the injustices in the world but I just can’t get my eyes off the bestest most wonderful woman I have ever seen (on a computor screen).

  6. I too share the view about good ridance to Jimmy. It was a complete joke when the Council let him stay there in the first place. He at best had slept rough from time to time there over the years and was never a permanent fixture with all of his kit like people made out when they pleaded for him to be left there in the first place. I have been running there for years and it has been just horrible the smell and distraction from the beauty he bought to the area. Courts will decide what to do with him but the best thing that has happened is that it has cleared him out. and by the way Munro has still got it – cannot understand why he is still not going round as a pro – great style

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