The good weather keeps on bangin’ on. Top of 28 today, but the clouds will roll in with a late southerly change bringing in a possible thunderstorm.

Perfect day for a dip (with the camera)…1 footers on offer, and for some strange reason I saw a shoulder high smoker crank to the beach, but it was a 1 off so don’t freak out.

No swell until next Monday where something is cooking at South face beaches.

Sunday 15th Nov – Big yogi day out

Yoga Aid Challenge is on this Sunday at Sydney’s Botanical Gardens (8:30am to 11am) then a concert in the evening at the Bondi Pavilion (6:30pm). All ticket sales going to charity. More info

Young Pama Davies doesn't miss a session

The lovely Debbie


Karl Timms, wheelie on the shorey

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