Shift bay shot


The maximum temperature forecasted for today is 30 degrees…but it felt that hot at 6:30am this morning so maybe the Bureau boys have some broken dials. It is hot. Damn hot. You’ll break into a sweat just walking down the hill this morning…so a swim/longboard is the essential cool off.

New swell direction today, NE. Swell period is low and wind waves on offer 1-2ish feet. Bondi is neglecting the swell source and will be better served at exposed beaches such at Maroubra today.
The weekend looks hot again with a steamy 39 degrees forecasted for Sunday. Still NE swell and NE winds…you might find the odd local wave at certain times – Sunday being bigger than Saturday – but all in all – it’s a beach weekend.

If you’re coming down to Bondi, I’ve hung some new artworks on the gallery walls…the helicopter shots have been replaced with some good old wave shots taken from the drink. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach Map Telephone 02-9130 7788. If you’re planning to give Aquabumps artworks away for xmas, you need to give us 3 weeks to make your orders, so drop by and check out what’s on offer. Open Sat/Sun 10am to 6pm

Jules at Surfection Mosman has some mega deals on this weekend…shortboards from $495, fishes from $595…springies from $89. Do it.

1st Heat of Miss Bondi is on this Sunday (22 Nov) at the Beach Road Hotel. Starts at 2:30pm.

I have new toys from Canon…some great new glassware.

This lil' fella has 4 mums.

Karl Timms dominating the groms

Tory and Spots

Pama Davies, lil' guys love the small conditions

8 thoughts on “Sizzle

  1. So do new lenses just rockup at the gallery on a regular basis? oh what a life!
    tilt shift lens in the first pic mate?
    they look so complicated to use..

    1. Hiya,

      Jess – colouring – no filters, shot with 600m (I was miles away). That’s about all I will say – can’t reveal all my secrets

      Tom – Tilt shift – latest one from canon that I am trialling

      Tim – TSE24mm is the go

      Bailey – drop in on him tomorrow little fella

  2. Hey uge, lovely as per usual, just a little question. Has the resolution of your pics changed? I look at them thru the iPhone app and they seem a little pixilated the last 2 days. But don’t worry, I can still see the gold they contain!

    Oh yeah, once your bored of those lenses just swing them my way. 🙂

    1. Nothin has changed…if anything, they should look sharper. I shoot on 21 megapixels of joy…and I reckon I know my way around photoshop a whole lot better now. Not sure why. uge

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