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There’s not a lot doing down the beach this morning. Overcast skies dominated, the usual suspects scrapped over a 2 foot left towards the middle and the ‘dozer is out pushing sand up against the concrete wall to conceal any exposed concrete reo.

Swell is from the ENE so I reckon the Bra might have a bit more punch…but it’s still tiny and weak. Wave period is 5.6 (that’s wind chop). Little spike tomorrow morning before a weekend of micro conditions. Mostly sunny conditions with 25 degrees forecasted – nice.

Winds will blow later today – 20 knots of Nor-easterly.

Bondi Style Book

A friend has launched a book called BONDI STYLE. It’s good. It’s a snapshot of life in Bondi and interviews with all the interesting people that hang around here – with a focus on fashion. You can get yourself a copy here for the bargain price of $39.95 or go to Ariel, Berkelouw, Icebergs Dining, NBI or Zabbriskie. More info

4 Short Surf Movies at BRH

Tracks Mag are puttin’ on 4 short movies this Saturday night in Bondi. Rob Norman is featuring his piece on our two hot young stars, Perth Standlick and Wyllie Moyes called “At the End of the Day”. Storm Surfers will also be showing their latest batch from Tassie (Carroll, Clarke-Jones and local lifeguard Kobi Graham) by Chris Nelius and Justin McMillan. This Saturday the 28th November, 8pm, Beach Road Hotel.

Summer Touch

Touchy footy has arrived to the beaches of Sydney…click here to read more

Bailey, The world’s most enthusiastic grom

Painted toes

Jono, throwing spray on my lens

Left bomb set - shoulder high

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    1. Jaime-Claire, hiya. Did you see the sunrise this morning? It was cloudy – so nothing to shoot! Also, the sunrise is at 5am – not like 6:30am like in Winter….I need sleep too. cheers, uge

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