Quiet time

Today is shaping up to be a nice day… early morning cloud dominated the scene around 7am – but all good now. The winds are light making for some clean conditions down at Bondi. At 10am the sunshine is out bakin’ (max 24). Bondi has gone all quiet as the masses make their way into the big smoke (yes!). Perfect time to slip down the beach, sample the odd 1 to 2 footer on a fat slab of fibreglass…It’s not fantastic, just breaking, but a real nice day.

Big Wednesday is showing tonight at Ivy’s outdoor cinema. Dine under the stars, what the surf cult film and have a drink – all for $35. Phone 9240 3000 (Ash Street Cellar, Ivy, Ash St. Sydney 2000) – after sunset. More info on the Outdoor Cinema @ Ivy.

Kirby Loft, ready to pounce

When you're 11yrs old, it's head high every day

Kirby, wrong side of this tube

Lars Goldstein, wave of the day

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