Monday, February 28, 2005

The weekend’s onshore dribbles continue today. BOO. You’d be lucky to have your board touch water over the past 3 days. So if you see an influx of crew at the skate park, or someone doing Reos off kerbs in the car on the way to work, or even a work mate who’s a little edgy/restless today – you know why. Pray for waves.

The sport of the day isn’t surfing (eh?) – It’s fishing. Ridiculously large schools of fish are running a muck on our beaches around Bondi. In the southern corner a school of Brim(?) (I could be totally wrong as I ain’t no fisherman) were feeding on a heap of whitebait.
Swell will slightly increase this arvo hopefully providing something worthy of a paddle. Wind is going to swing NE this afternoon and the sun is supposed to shine on. Currently we’ve got waist high waves that are wind affected.
Check out the new ACP magazine MADISON. 6 page story on Miss Bondi…recognise the photos? Yep Bumps shots got published.
Have a great week doing the stuff that you do…::uge
PS – printing photos on canvas – anyone know a good supplier in Sydney? Contact Us

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Bondi 7am – smaller waist to belly high wavesAfter a hot muggy nights sleep, we’re blessed with a fireball sunrise and a hazy warm day. Surf has dropped marginally leaving belly high waves in the Bondi southern corner. Swell is coming from the east, not suited to Bondee…at east facing beaches you should find a bit more size. 09:53am high tide will fatten up our chunks and expect a standard 15 knot NE seabreeze dis arvo. Weekend prediction – dropping swell, not looking too crash hot. Good weekend to put a new coat of polish on the panel van or get a new board off Froggy at Surfculture. Look out for Blue bottles, there everywhere.

Bowl-a-rama Sat 26th Feb – Bondi Skate ParkChecked out the new skate park at Bondee yet honks? Lookn’ pretty hot. The official opening is tomorrow 9am to 5pm – more info Afterwards check out the Botanics playing at the Beach Road Hotel…Botanics deliver a refreshing new style of Roots, Soul and hip-hop. Should be a fun night. Check out Botanics
Have a great weekend. Seeya,::yooj

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bondi 7am – sweet lil’ rights, glassyIf I was a 12 year grommie this morning, I’d be stoked… Clean waist high to occasionally chest high waves rockin’ into the southern corner breaking right on a sucky, strong rip. Not much push behind those bad boys dis morn’ – enough to get going, but if you’re a 35 kilo grom (like Raoul) – you’d be in heaven. The swell direction is from the east (perhaps with a hint of south), and Bondi probably isn’t funneling the biggest chunks into the bay. Other east exposed beaches would bring more joy for sure. The hungry 09:20 high tide will engulf our morning bumps, so best try the later approaching 15:48 low for a lucky dip. NE winds are looming, ready to pounce…’s not bad all in all.

A few crew would like to receive these bumps reports earlier. Basically ‘I’m onto it’. Pumping out 11,000 emails can take time especially with the never ending nonsense with anti-sp*m filters slowing me down. Thanks for your patience.
Interesting article on, artistic surf aliens carved out a massive illustration (60m x 30m) of a man, a dollar, a tombstone and a wave on da Rushcutters oval. No one seems to know anything about it. View Article
Are you thinking of getting into surfing? Froggy at Surf Culture mega store in Bondi Junga is offering brand spankin’ Epoxy Mini Mals for $399 for Aquabumpies. Call Froggy on 9389 5477 or visit him at 20 Bronte Road, The Junga.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bondi 7am – waist to shoulder high, tide affectedHola. Disappointingly the swell decreased overnight leaving us with waist to shoulder high waves down at Bondi this morning. I will eat my words from yesterdays report – thinking the swell was gonna hang around. No such luck kiddies. It’s still fun and surfable, but the raw grunt from Monday seems to have dissipated dramatically. Perhaps the 08:44am high tide drowned our aquachunks, and the 15:17 low tide will bring improvement in size. However the predicted afternoon E/SE 10/15 knot wind will take the edge of any afternoon quality.

I shot in the water this morning with the extension pole and fisheye. A powerful rip kept me paddling furiously for over an hour – think I lost 10 kilos in the process. Power kip on the floor is coming on now. Zzz-zzz-zzz
Nice little piece on Bumps in Sunday Life (Sun Herald Mag). View Article
Looking for something to do tonight? Seeing the weather looks good, how about seeing Aussie movie ‘Somersault’ Moonlight Cinema at Centennial Park. Tonight’s a special night as all ticket sales will go the charity REACHOUT! (Who help out those troubled teens – Buy movie Tickets Online
Aquabumps is going mental in the Europe. 50% of t-shirt sales are to the UK, even posting a tee to Poland today, couple to Japan, Holland, Indo yesterday…how cool is that? Subscriptions grew by 10% in past 4 weeks.
Adios Ninos, ::Ugios PS – don’t forget to email [email protected] for an invite to RUPMUS (must do b4 midday today)

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bondi 7am – Head high fun ones…Sorry for sending this out late…I’ve been frothn’ for the past 24hrs with the delivery of decent NE chunks. Last night’s session was all goooood. So many breaks would have been going off with solid size at NE exposed beaches.

This morning down at Bondi we’ve got head high sets under a sensational sunny summer’s clear sky. Large crowds were all over it. Loads of fun ones with a semi-makeable right in the south and a decent left in the middle. Wind was offshore when I was shooting this morning, and will probably swing around to the South 15/20 knots. So get the best of it before the wind swings. Low tide 14:45 High tide 08:07. Swell looks like its hanging in there until Saturday. Alleluia. Geez those new Bumps tees are selling well…betta get one.
Friday 25th Feb – Zooland Party at Plan BPalm Beach SLSC fundraiser @ Plan B (the Bourbon) this Friday night. Zoolander theme, $10 a ticket prepaid Ph 9974 1288 or $15 on the night. Email [email protected]
RUMPUS – 25th Feb 8pm @ the EasternThe kids from Wonderland start their new night at the brand spankin’ Eastern Hotel in Bondi Junga. All bumps crew invited…you need to RSVP before 12pm Web 23rd Feb by emailing your name, address to [email protected]. You’ll score RUMPUS memberships as well if you do so.
Bondi Open Air CinemaTuesday, 22nd: In My Father’s Den – the most successful film of the year from New Zealand Wednesday, 23rd: Buffalo Soldiers – A fast paced dark comedy with cool Joaquin Phoenix as a drug dealing soldier, banned in the US Thursday, 24th: Billabong Odyssey – Like big surf – best see this flick. You’ll be frothn’. The first 10 to email us on [email protected] win a free pass to Billabong Odyssey! Friday, 25th: Garden State. Get your tickets at

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Bondi 7am – clean shoulder high with slightly larger setsNot baaaaaad. Conditions cleaned up this morning. Bondi had a few head high sets early – looks like everyone was onto it with a large morning crowd. Due to the lack of waves over the past couple of weeks, lots of frustrated surfers trying to fulfill their wave quota (Wal quota 100+ daily). The south swell was lining nicely, however the banks are due for a renovation as quite a few chunks closing out straight. Expect 20/30 knots of howling NE gales late this arvo, which will probably decimate this south swell and create a few northerly bumps ready for sliding on the weekend. Sunday and Monday looking quite good at this stage.

God has created lots of cool things; surfboards, women (not in that order), Pipe, Rainbow Paddle Pops, Macaronis, HT’s, Megan Gale…but what was he thinking when he created Blue Bottles? Yep, they’re back and stinging ya at your local break. boo…don the wettie.
And the winner is… Joseph Biondino – Congratulations, you’ve won a new Billabong surfboard. Just so you know Ben Stiller is the Hollywood mega star who makes a cameo appearance in the new Taj surf film FAIR BITS. If you haven’t seen the McCoy surf film festival yet, get down to Cremorne Orpheum over the weekend (sessions Fri, Sat, Sun). Buy tickets online
I’ve just released some new Aquabumps t-shirt designs ready for you to purchase online. Come get e’em whilst da hot. Pink bad boys sold out last time…takes 1 min to buy online and they get posted to you for next day delivery.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bondi 7am – head high onshore chunkstersYesterday’s strong southerly winds kicked up some chunx worth a dabble dis morning. The southerly weather pattern continues to mess it up with early onshores, but you’d still find a few faces to slide down. Majority of the waves were a lil’ on the burgerish side, however a southern sand bank provided some vertical hold (similar to MC Plummie’s hair gel). English Summary – ittttssss okaah…

Head high on sets, Bondee is picking up the best of this new swell direction. Should a predicted NE wind change happen later today, it will clean itself up. A cool 24 degrees on the land today. Early next week some good NE swell coming.
Today is the last day to enter the Billabong Surfboard competition. Winner will be announced on tomorrow’s bumps. Just have to answer a simple question. Enter Comp
The other night a few of us checked out the Billabong McCoy surf film festival featuring Taj’s Fair Bits. A great collection of short films, some hilarious segments and spectacular small wave tow in surfing down south west coast of WA. You can catch the festival at the Cremorne Orpheum from 17 Feb to 20 Feb. Book tickets

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bondi 7am – good day to crank out the workToday’s conditions are quiet dire with a miniscule weak swell pumping baby ripples into the bay. Verging on unrideable, today’s Bondi bumps are best suited to the 1st time surfer. I think Even Marky Mark put the board away and opted for the sleep in. (now that’s small). There is hope of an afternoon improvement in size as the wind will blow 18/23 knots of S/SE. High tide 15:10 Low tide 18:57. My high school English teacher just subscribed to bumps, so I’m now paranoid of bad grammar and typos – think the rest of you must be conditioned to my phooorly writen rrrambles.

RUMPUSLike the tunes at the Aquabumps Party? Like Wonderland gigs? Well one of the mofos responsible is DJ Simon Pogmore, and he is starting a new Friday night gig at the brand new Eastern Hotel in Bondi Junga – called RUMPUS. 1st night is 25th Feb at 8pm. 500 Oxford Street Bondi Junction. FOR INVITATIONS TO LAUNCH ! RVSP essential. Name and postal address to: [email protected]
Last of the Soul Riders Summer SessionsTonight at the North Bondi RSL the Soul Riders are showing ‘The Surfers Journal Biographies – Wayne Lynch & Tom Carrol‘ at 7:30pm and then ‘The Surfers Journal Biographies – Tom Curren & Kelly Slater‘. Only costs $5 for the two movies.
Soul Patrol Party at Tamarama Surf club on 26th Feb. 9pm till late. Tickets $25 from Electric Monkey. All proceeds are to be distributed between Tamarama SLSC and the Tsunami Relief Fund. more info

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bondi 7am – big waves behind
the Manly jetcat
A glorious burning 6:20am sunrise kick started the day whilst early morning
exercise fanatics panic at the apparent shortening of daylight. Bondi
was a hive of activity at 6:30am. Our favourite beach was good for everything
except surfing today. Ripples struggled to break above your knee caps
on a very shallow south end bank. Gentle NW winds created clean conditions
early, which will change once 30 knots NEster rips into it. Water was
sensational. Sample it for yourself. Radar suggest a hint of south swell
Billabong Jack McCoy Film Festival is in Sydney
Tonight I hope to see you at the Randwick Ritz for the
Jack McCoy Surf film festival featuring the new surf flick FAIR BITS by
Taj and the Malloys. I suggest getting
tickets online
. Have you enter the Billabong/Aquabumps surfboard giveaway
comp yet? Enter

Bondi Open Air Cinema
Tomorrow night (16th Feb) Bondi Open air is showing Metallica, Some kind
of Monster – Amazing music documentary about exorcising your demons. Or
Thursday 17th I Heart Huckabees or Friday 18th Saw. young Australian filmmakers
who went to Hollywood with a brilliant script and ended up creating a
smash hit. The first 10 to email us on [email protected]
win a free pass to Metallica!

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Bondi 6:30am clean chest high, bad banksGreetings crew…The surf conditions have improved from yesterdays onshore grovel. We’ve got clean chest high waves at Bondi this morning. Didn’t seem to have much push behind it probably due to a short interval and was hittn’ the banks straight. Nonetheless it was a great warm morning with clear skies and not much wind. N easterlies 15 knots will blow this afternoon, so I would suggest earlier the better…its not crankin, just a bit of fun around the place. Cool sunrise this morning…

Valentines todayDon’t forget its Valentines day today – so best get in the good books and sort something out. Fellas, girls don’t ‘usually’ like surfboards or wetties for Valentines pressies. I think they would +love+ an Aquabumps tee instead. Check the Bumps Store (if posted today, should get it tomorrow).
Froth – Aquabumps ShindigWe did it. The 1st Aquabumps bash (called FROTH) was held at down at Bondi Pav. on Saturday night. Hope you had a good time and thanks to all for coming. Great crew of 600 cranked until the police shut it down at 11:30pm. Boo. Think that sound system could have powered the Big Day Out (thanks DJ Warehouse). How about the nudity behind the silk screens? What tha? Special thanks to: Alex (from Bondi Open Air), DJ Shane, Dj Poggy, DJ Sunny Albeau, MC Plum, Sax blowing Kieran, Sophia, Mad Dog, Jehan, Karlos and Ness. Sorry about the miniscule bar and long ques…obviously big learning curve. Thanks to the sponsors beachculture, Tsubi, Surf culture and Observatory Hotel.Let’s crank up another one! Send us ya Party Feedback

Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival is in SydneySee the festival at Randwick cinema tomorrow night (Tuesday 15th) or Cronulla on Wednesday 16th or Cremorne Thursday17th – Sunday 20th Feb. Buy Tickets You can win a new board too!

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Bondi 7am – surfable shoulder high waves, bit messyAfter an ordinary week of surfing, this morning showed slight improvement with messy shoulder high sets. Light winds at 7am and will blow SE then swing back around the NE later this evening. Quite a few crew out getting their ocean fix for the day. The 11:02 high tide should bring fatness, whilst towards the 15:32 low tide may reveal some waves considering the breezes may swing to NE. Swell is declining…so I guess I am not really bringing much good news to ya. Next week looks much better…

Snap off the Lip surf flick finals are on tonight at the Beach Road hotel, Bondi – 7:30pm. (Downstairs at No Names restaurant). Should be great night…website
Hope you’re looking forward to the Aquabumps-Froth Party tomorrow (4pm to midnight). Online ticket sales close 6pm tonight. You can get them at the door for $20 – but why risk it as they’ve been selling fast and we have limited no.s. A new design of Aquabumps tee will be available for purchase at the event. So best get yourself one of those bad boys…
Got a great comp for ya, the Billabong Jack McCoy Surf film festival is giving away a new surfboard to a lucky Bumps member; just have to answer one simple question: Who is this Hollywood Star making a cameo appearance in the latest FAIR BITS surf movie by Taj Burrows & the Malloys? Click here to enterComp. closes Thurs 17th Feb. Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Fim festival at Randwick Ritz next Tuesday 15 Feb 8pm, Cronulla 16th Feb, Cremorne Orpheum 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th. Buy tickets

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bondi 7am – onshore washing machine, shoulder high setsSloppy, grey, onshore, dreary, ugly, mushy, fat, messy, botchy, disheveled, disorderly, higgledy-piggledy, jumbled, windy, crummy…and around shoulder high on sets. The onshore is making mince meat out of anything worth riding. Winds blowing ESE 15 knots possibly 20 knots later. Swell coming from the South East now. If it’s the first time you’ve seen surf in 2 years – its going off…otherwise known as day off surfing. Outlook – bit average. Possibly something good early next week.

The annual is on again! Yeha! Remember how good Blue Horizon was? Well this year its Fair Bits created by professional surfer Taj Burrow with Emmett and Brendan Malloy. And I’ve got even better news…this year the festival is showing over our side of the bridge – yep, Tuesday 15th Feb at the RANDWICK RITZ at 8pm. (that’s next tue!) Buy Tickets Now Online or see other locations.
Also this Friday night (11th Feb) at the Beach Road Hotel is the FINALS ofsurf film festival. Starts at 7:30pm entry free. You could win a new board from 6 ounce. More Info
are giveaway 6 more pairs of their damn fine kicks. David Lavelle, Christopher Allen, James Parnell, Sophie Waters, Jason Turczynski and Thierry Forest all won thongs last time. All you need to do is click on the banner below to link to their Aussie site, search around to find the thong range and email us the name of the model which appears on the below banner. Please include your name, size and address!!!

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Today’s report & photos by Mark Wiesmayr – Tsubi DesignerDang! It didn’t happen. Got asked to do a guest editor spot on the ‘Bumps, and was so excited (typically). Heard there was a little spike of swell expected for today, so ensured I had crew there to surf, and hot chicks to run the sand for joggercam. Typically, there was such a lack of surf, even Uge new it would be a hard task to surf…So if you’re still in bed having a late sleep in, don’t even get up. None of the people I organized did, easy to tell it was a bad day down on the sand….

Wind was onshore, tide was high, and a dribbly windswell was junking the surface of a grey ocean… glad I had a good night last night at the opening of the Eastern Hotel cos this morning didn’t rate at all….
However its kind of what makes our beach so damn fun. Only the usual hardcore morning crew were out, Wal flared, Mick took out the morning heat, and Robin and Uge made up the pack…Simon’s teeth chattering madly as the hippie still hasn’t acclimatized back into our summer/winter water temperatures. I counted 7 waves caught in total for the 45 mins I was in the water, and that’s from some seriously good grovelers who can generally catch anything and make it look good.
…and back on the beach, it was a pack of crew doing the boot camp thing, and only a couple of random hotties doing the run thing, love that commitment, sheeow! very quiet on the boardwalk overall….
So now at work with thoughts of the Froth party on Saturday playing on my mind… how good is that gonna be! bring that on Ugios, the boys and the girls all know how fun it’ll be, oh yehh, and so hoping that little swell spike hits for this evening’s hack. Buy tickets (they’re seriously selling fast – limited no.s)…
Bondi Open Air Cinema – NICOTINA this Friday night This Friday night is the Australian Premiere of NICOTINA at the Bondi Open Air Cinema. Be the first to see Mexico’s highest grossing film of 2003. ‘Nicotina’ is a highly stylized crime caper set in Mexico City. The lives of nine unsuspecting characters explode in one tumultuous night. Buy tickets online or email [email protected] to be a chance at scoring 20 free tickets.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bondi 7am – small waist to shoulder high waves, glorious daySurprise surprise…last night we were thrown some small clean chunks well worth a paddle (not sure where they came from). Bondi looked like fun at around 8pm last night. This morning’s 1.96 metre mega high tide at 08:34am transformed most bumps in fat burgers, however the hint of a sand bank in the middle of Bondee was pumping the odd decent wave around shoulder high at 7am. Couple of guys on round nose sub vectors having an absolute ball popping more aerials than an Avalon Future surf comp. The surf wasn’t the best part of the morning…it was the light (bias opinion). Cracker orange hues illuminating lip sprays. A photographer’s dream morning. Waves should improve towards the low tide (15:20pm), but a howling afternoon north easterly at 20-30 knots will play havoc. With such a gale today we may have some decent NE swell tomorrow as this south swell dies.

Hope you’ve been working on the base tan (moowhwhahaha) for the crankin’ Aquabumps Party on this Saturday 12th Feb at the Bondi Pavilion (called FROTH). Yep, if you haven’t heard yet, we’re throwing a party and giving away some awesome stuff. A brand new surfboard (thanks Surf Culture) will be given away before 7pm, so best not be late. Buy Froth Tickets. Sat Feb 12th 4pm to midnight, 3 x hot DJ’s, sax player, MC, lighting and sound by DJ Warehouse…not to be missed.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Bondi 7am – great morning, full small shoreyWhat a great morning to start the week. Perfectly sunny with gentle offshore breezes. The lack of swell continues from the weekend only managing waist high ‘shore slappers’ (I’m torkin’ waves here boyz…). A 07:36am high tide made absolute fattie boom-baaas of anything resembling a wave. Perhaps the 14:28pm low tide (or even mid tide) might reveal something surfable, but I wouldn’t get too excited – it will be more suited to beginners like the Page boys than anyone else. Winds will swing from early North Westerlies round to North easterlies this afternoon blowing 15/20 knots. Text book summers day for Sydney (max 28 degrees). The frothn’ crystal ball suggests a hint of swell mid this week. Nothing like the bumps we’ve been enjoying of late.

Hope you’re all rev’ed up for the Aquabumps Party (Froth) this Saturday (Feb12). It starts at 4pm at the Bondi Pavilion and finishes at midnight. Got some hot prizes…like a new board from SurfCulture, or even some new duds from the Tsubi crew, or how about $1000 worth of vouchers from beachculture…you need to buy your ticket online now for only $15. BUY PARTY TICKET
How good was the REACH OUT! Future surf comp at Avalon Yesterday. Even in small surf, the boys can pull off some rad stuff with the assistance of a Jetski. View my pics to see what I mean. All for a great cause raising money for the charity.
Seeing the lack of decent surf this week, it might be an idea to clock up some brownie points with the chick. (or bloke). Perhaps get organized for next weeks Valentine’s day (Monday 14th Feb). Jamie down at BONDI SOCIAL would be pleased to have you for a saucey meal on the balcony overlooking Bondi. Say your from Aquabumps when booking (t: 93651788) and you’ll get a complimentary glass of bubbles.

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Hola. Swell continues from the east, but hardly producing anything surfable this morning. Decided to go for a swim on a deserted beach at sunrise (noice). Found a sensational stretch of liquid glass that I reckon would pump with a bit of swell. Small bank in the northern corner with peeling waist high waves. I’m miles from Bondi (as you’ve probably worked out), but my guess is that Bondee is microscopic, ripples only in the south end. Wind: W/NW 10/15 knots. High tide 17:08 Low tide 11:20am. Maximum land temp of 27 degrees… water feels really cool. My guess sub 20 degrees. Go for a dip.

Don’t forget some great things are going down this weekend. REACH OUT! FUTURE surf and skate comp is being held up at Avalon beach over Saturday and Sunday. You’ll see the world’s best surfers being whipped into Avalon beachie via jetskis, boosting them into the high heavens – its all about futuristic moves. Also Froggy @ at the new surfculture mega store is offering 25% off any wettie or 50% off a wettie if you by a board…go see him at 20 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction.
We’re trying to get all the Bumps crew together for an unforgettable evening called FROTH, bringing you the hot surf action on the big open air screen while top local DJ’s turn it up until midnight.
Remember the good old "Bondi Vibes on a summer’s day" and "Wonderland" parties? Well we’re going to stir it up again…The line up consists of Frothn’ Simon Pogmore (from the famed Wonderland parties), DJ Sunny Albeau (wild man from Melbourne – you’ll see what I mean) , loose lipped MC Plum on da mike…along with DJ Shane (from famed Decadence and Dance Nation parties) with his Saxophone playing sidekick Kieran.
Whilst at the party you will have the opportunity to win a brand new surfboard kindly donated by Froggy @ SurfCulture (the new mega surf store in Bondi Junction). Or you could even win some gift vouchers to beachculture…So don’t miss it, get your tickets online now ($15) to save any hassles of missing out.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Howdy Kids…yep, I’m still out of town and it’s been pumpin’. Swell is smaller today but still generously sized. Scored head – head’n’half tubing glass early. Thought I had gone to heaven. Swell is coming from the east and winds will blow NE 15 knots this afternoon. The word on the street is that Bondi’s pretty average – not drawing much size, but still surfable. I’m sure if you sniff around eastern exposed beaches, you’ll find some joy. Swell is dropping after tomorrow…so best make the most of it.

This silly season has been a little quiet around Bondi (party wise). The little Day out was canned, no Aussie Day Wonderland (as Poggy’s been flat out)…combined with the fact that there is 10,500 people receiving this email, and we have never met as a group – I thought we should organize something…announcement – Aquabumps party on the 12th Feb, 2005. So keep that date free….and we will let you know the details. It will start at about 4pm at a venue in Bondi…stay tuned.
Hot surf flick ‘Step into Liquid’ is showing at the Bondi Open Air cinema tomorrow night (2nd feb). Click Here to buy tickets.
By the way, there’s a new mega surf store opened in Bondi Junction called SURF CULTURE. You will be blown away at the number of boards in the shop. Its 3 levels of joy. Knucklehead Froggy, hasn’t got a sign up yet…so it’s 20 Bronte Road next to the Curry Connection. If you say you’re from Aquabumps you’ll get 25% OFF ANY WETTIE, or even better, buy a new board and get 50% OFF ANY WETTIE. So go see Froggy, tell him you’re a bumpster and score.

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Firstly I would like to apologise to all of those crew sitting in an office amongst the concrete jungle. You may even prefer to close this email right now before reading any further…and just pretend you never saw it. The reason being, I’ve taken some time off and decided to take a road trip in search of better waves with this solid swell. And take a look at what I’ve found…After hours of driving, I took a left turn into a small town, then followed an unsealed road to the end where two muddy tracks split off into thick bush…turn left at the fence with a lone thong dangling, parked my car half hanging into a bush, walked down a muddy hill where locals thought it would be funny to lay some fresh turds, (don’t slip), then climbed down a cliff jumping off a barnacle riddled rock into a surfers wet dream. 4 cruzee guys out, glassy 4-6 foot (with 8 foot bombs), 2 tube sections, sunshine…nice. The local blokes reckon you don’t see it like this often. I don’t think I will be letting you know where it is either. I’ll just say – it wasn’t that easy to find.

Not sure what’s happening up at Bondi, but I think you would have found something to surf this morning – nothing incredible. Anyhow, hope you scored a few…
Deepest sympathies to the friends and families of the 4 men who died over the weekend in this chunky swell. Goes to show how unforgiving our oceans can be (again), so take care and surf within your limits.
Final Bondi Board Riders Comp on this Sunday. Meet 7am at the Skate Park.
Gotta run…wind hasn’t come up yet. Reports will be intermittent this week – sorry::ugios

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Bondi 7am — bumpy head high setsHowdy. There be a chunky east swell hittn’ dem shores at the moment. It’s picked overnight and you’ll find waves 1.5 x head high at East exposed beaches. Bondi was smaller than all the other beaches with a few little fun ones in the southern corner amongst a relatively small crowd. Best get in the car and hunt around me thinks. I’ve been hearing good things about the Bra. Note these beefy chunks don’t seem to have a great deal of push behind them. The annoying Easterly onshore winds are blowing, roughin’ up the surface quality, and the tide is rapidly coming up to a 10:53 full tide – creating fattie burgers. So best surf towards the arvo low tide…and pray the winds magically backs off…I like the look of tomorrow. Size continues with light winds. hubba hubba.

On the Australia day holiday I caught up with all round good bloke, chick magnet, pro surfer Luke Stedman for a few photos and chat up at Avalon…click here to peep inside the life of a full time surfer. Also not to be missed is the REACH OUT! FUTURE surf and skate extravaganza being held at Avalon on the 5-6th Feb. This event raises funds for

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bondi 7am – slightly bumpy chest to head high sets. Hmmn. Not bad…Few hangovers going around this morning following our mid week public holiday. Hope you had a great Aussie day – saw crew boozing down Tama Park at 9am yesterday (and it wasn’t Ness for a change). The beaches were relatively empty for a day with decent waves.No WONDERLAND party yesterday (pog busy). Thinking of cranking a party up soon…watch this space…

Swells up from the east and is pumping well over head high swells into exposed beaches. Sheltered Bondi was smaller but still surfable with the odd head high set. Small crew enjoying bumpy faces with ‘inside suckage’ on a shallow bank towards the south end. Bit of fun for an onshore day. No better way to shake off a hangover. Wind: E 10/15 knots increasing to 15/20 knots in the afternoon. Max land temp 26 degrees. Humid muggy day. High tide 10:23 Low tide 16:27. Me thinks the low tide will show an improvement, but the predicted 15/20knots E-ENE winds won’t be doing us any favors later today.
Hoodoo Gurus DVD releaseThe hoodoo gurus have released their first ever DVD called Tunnel Vision which include "Be My Guru" Documentary (as seen on Channel 10 Feb 2nd 11:30pm). All 30 music videos, 16 song vintage live section. In stores 6th Feb. Also available HOODOO GURUS – DELUXE EDITION CATALOGUE RE-ISSUE. All albums remastered and re-issued with bonus tracks, new liner notes and fold out

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bondi 7am – waist to shoulder high onshore mushGreetings Ninos. The swell has come up marginally over night, but it’s a weak wind swell flanked by a nuisance onshore easterly wind. Easterlies pretty much effect most beaches collecting any sniff of today’s small swell…summary – junky. The good news is that we are in for an exciting week of surfing with some decent swell heading our way. Tomorrow you’ll see a jump in size – peaking around Friday. So um…I’d be resting at home, frothin’ over surf vids getting all fired up for the good stuff later this week. Or better still…stroll on down to the new SURFCULTURE mega surfstore that has just opened in Bondi Junction (20 Bronte Road). Froggy’s new mega store is 3 levels of bliss boasting the largest range of surfboards this side of the bridge – yyyyyyyyyyyehhha. (about time) Now I’m torkin a range of 300 new sticks twitchn’ on the racks. The dropkick Froggy doesn’t have a sign up yet, so look for the ‘gucci style’ modern 3 level glass building in between the curry joint and Myer entrance – in the heart of the Junja. Tell Froggy you’re from Aquabumps for red dot special deals.

Yesterday you may have noticed that Aquabumps was offline…we had a lil’ ‘accident’ which has now been rectified. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Check out lil’ 13 year old Perth surfing in today’s shots. Does this kid rip or what. Bondi hottest young grommie was tearing into knee high wind chop dribbles – the benefits of being a grom. Those were the days…

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