Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bondi 7am – small waist to shoulder high waves, glorious day
Surprise surprise…last night we were thrown some small clean chunks well worth a paddle (not sure where they came from). Bondi looked like fun at around 8pm last night. This morning’s 1.96 metre mega high tide at 08:34am transformed most bumps in fat burgers, however the hint of a sand bank in the middle of Bondee was pumping the odd decent wave around shoulder high at 7am. Couple of guys on round nose sub vectors having an absolute ball popping more aerials than an Avalon Future surf comp. The surf wasn’t the best part of the morning…it was the light (bias opinion). Cracker orange hues illuminating lip sprays. A photographer’s dream morning. Waves should improve towards the low tide (15:20pm), but a howling afternoon north easterly at 20-30 knots will play havoc. With such a gale today we may have some decent NE swell tomorrow as this south swell dies.

Hope you’ve been working on the base tan (moowhwhahaha) for the crankin’ Aquabumps Party on this Saturday 12th Feb at the Bondi Pavilion (called FROTH). Yep, if you haven’t heard yet, we’re throwing a party and giving away some awesome stuff. A brand new surfboard (thanks Surf Culture) will be given away before 7pm, so best not be late. Buy Froth Tickets. Sat Feb 12th 4pm to midnight, 3 x hot DJ’s, sax player, MC, lighting and sound by DJ Warehouse…not to be missed.

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