Monday, February 07, 2005

Bondi 7am – great morning, full small shorey
What a great morning to start the week. Perfectly sunny with gentle offshore breezes. The lack of swell continues from the weekend only managing waist high ‘shore slappers’ (I’m torkin’ waves here boyz…). A 07:36am high tide made absolute fattie boom-baaas of anything resembling a wave. Perhaps the 14:28pm low tide (or even mid tide) might reveal something surfable, but I wouldn’t get too excited – it will be more suited to beginners like the Page boys than anyone else. Winds will swing from early North Westerlies round to North easterlies this afternoon blowing 15/20 knots. Text book summers day for Sydney (max 28 degrees). The frothn’ crystal ball suggests a hint of swell mid this week. Nothing like the bumps we’ve been enjoying of late.

Hope you’re all rev’ed up for the Aquabumps Party (Froth) this Saturday (Feb12). It starts at 4pm at the Bondi Pavilion and finishes at midnight. Got some hot prizes…like a new board from SurfCulture, or even some new duds from the Tsubi crew, or how about $1000 worth of vouchers from beachculture…you need to buy your ticket online now for only $15. BUY PARTY TICKET

How good was the REACH OUT! Future surf comp at Avalon Yesterday. Even in small surf, the boys can pull off some rad stuff with the assistance of a Jetski. View my pics to see what I mean. All for a great cause raising money for the charity.

Seeing the lack of decent surf this week, it might be an idea to clock up some brownie points with the chick. (or bloke). Perhaps get organized for next weeks Valentine’s day (Monday 14th Feb). Jamie down at BONDI SOCIAL would be pleased to have you for a saucey meal on the balcony overlooking Bondi. Say your from Aquabumps when booking (t: 93651788) and you’ll get a complimentary glass of bubbles.

Bondi Social

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