Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Today’s report & photos by Mark Wiesmayr – Tsubi Designer
Dang! It didn’t happen. Got asked to do a guest editor spot on the ‘Bumps, and was so excited (typically). Heard there was a little spike of swell expected for today, so ensured I had crew there to surf, and hot chicks to run the sand for joggercam. Typically, there was such a lack of surf, even Uge new it would be a hard task to surf…So if you’re still in bed having a late sleep in, don’t even get up. None of the people I organized did, easy to tell it was a bad day down on the sand….

Wind was onshore, tide was high, and a dribbly windswell was junking the surface of a grey ocean… glad I had a good night last night at the opening of the Eastern Hotel cos this morning didn’t rate at all….

However its kind of what makes our beach so damn fun. Only the usual hardcore morning crew were out, Wal flared, Mick took out the morning heat, and Robin and Uge made up the pack…Simon’s teeth chattering madly as the hippie still hasn’t acclimatized back into our summer/winter water temperatures. I counted 7 waves caught in total for the 45 mins I was in the water, and that’s from some seriously good grovelers who can generally catch anything and make it look good.

…and back on the beach, it was a pack of crew doing the boot camp thing, and only a couple of random hotties doing the run thing, love that commitment, sheeow! very quiet on the boardwalk overall….

So now at work with thoughts of the Froth party on Saturday playing on my mind… how good is that gonna be! bring that on Ugios, the boys and the girls all know how fun it’ll be, oh yehh, and so hoping that little swell spike hits for this evening’s hack. Buy tickets (they’re seriously selling fast – limited no.s)…

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