Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bondi 7am – waist to shoulder high, tide affected
Hola. Disappointingly the swell decreased overnight leaving us with waist to shoulder high waves down at Bondi this morning. I will eat my words from yesterdays report – thinking the swell was gonna hang around. No such luck kiddies. It’s still fun and surfable, but the raw grunt from Monday seems to have dissipated dramatically. Perhaps the 08:44am high tide drowned our aquachunks, and the 15:17 low tide will bring improvement in size. However the predicted afternoon E/SE 10/15 knot wind will take the edge of any afternoon quality.

I shot in the water this morning with the extension pole and fisheye. A powerful rip kept me paddling furiously for over an hour – think I lost 10 kilos in the process. Power kip on the floor is coming on now. Zzz-zzz-zzz

Nice little piece on Bumps in Sunday Life (Sun Herald Mag). View Article

Looking for something to do tonight? Seeing the weather looks good, how about seeing Aussie movie ‘Somersault’ Moonlight Cinema at Centennial Park. Tonight’s a special night as all ticket sales will go the charity REACHOUT! (Who help out those troubled teens – Buy movie Tickets Online

Aquabumps is going mental in the Europe. 50% of t-shirt sales are to the UK, even posting a tee to Poland today, couple to Japan, Holland, Indo yesterday…how cool is that? Subscriptions grew by 10% in past 4 weeks.

Adios Ninos, ::Ugios
PS – don’t forget to email for an invite to RUPMUS (must do b4 midday today)

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