Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bondi 7am – sweet lil’ rights, glassy
If I was a 12 year grommie this morning, I’d be stoked… Clean waist high to occasionally chest high waves rockin’ into the southern corner breaking right on a sucky, strong rip. Not much push behind those bad boys dis morn’ – enough to get going, but if you’re a 35 kilo grom (like Raoul) – you’d be in heaven. The swell direction is from the east (perhaps with a hint of south), and Bondi probably isn’t funneling the biggest chunks into the bay. Other east exposed beaches would bring more joy for sure. The hungry 09:20 high tide will engulf our morning bumps, so best try the later approaching 15:48 low for a lucky dip. NE winds are looming, ready to pounce…’s not bad all in all.

A few crew would like to receive these bumps reports earlier. Basically ‘I’m onto it’. Pumping out 11,000 emails can take time especially with the never ending nonsense with anti-sp*m filters slowing me down. Thanks for your patience.

Interesting article on, artistic surf aliens carved out a massive illustration (60m x 30m) of a man, a dollar, a tombstone and a wave on da Rushcutters oval. No one seems to know anything about it. View Article

Are you thinking of getting into surfing? Froggy at Surf Culture mega store in Bondi Junga is offering brand spankin’ Epoxy Mini Mals for $399 for Aquabumpies. Call Froggy on 9389 5477 or visit him at 20 Bronte Road, The Junga.

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