Monday, February 28, 2005

The weekend’s onshore dribbles continue today. BOO. You’d be lucky to have your board touch water over the past 3 days. So if you see an influx of crew at the skate park, or someone doing Reos off kerbs in the car on the way to work, or even a work mate who’s a little edgy/restless today – you know why. Pray for waves.

The sport of the day isn’t surfing (eh?) – It’s fishing. Ridiculously large schools of fish are running a muck on our beaches around Bondi. In the southern corner a school of Brim(?) (I could be totally wrong as I ain’t no fisherman) were feeding on a heap of whitebait.

Swell will slightly increase this arvo hopefully providing something worthy of a paddle. Wind is going to swing NE this afternoon and the sun is supposed to shine on. Currently we’ve got waist high waves that are wind affected.

Check out the new ACP magazine MADISON. 6 page story on Miss Bondi…recognise the photos? Yep Bumps shots got published.

Have a great week doing the stuff that you do…::uge

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