Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Howdy Kids…yep, I’m still out of town and it’s been pumpin’. Swell is smaller today but still generously sized. Scored head – head’n’half tubing glass early. Thought I had gone to heaven. Swell is coming from the east and winds will blow NE 15 knots this afternoon. The word on the street is that Bondi’s pretty average – not drawing much size, but still surfable. I’m sure if you sniff around eastern exposed beaches, you’ll find some joy. Swell is dropping after tomorrow…so best make the most of it.

This silly season has been a little quiet around Bondi (party wise). The little Day out was canned, no Aussie Day Wonderland (as Poggy’s been flat out)…combined with the fact that there is 10,500 people receiving this email, and we have never met as a group – I thought we should organize something…announcement – Aquabumps party on the 12th Feb, 2005. So keep that date free….and we will let you know the details. It will start at about 4pm at a venue in Bondi…stay tuned.

Hot surf flick ‘Step into Liquid’ is showing at the Bondi Open Air cinema tomorrow night (2nd feb). Click Here to buy tickets.

By the way, there’s a new mega surf store opened in Bondi Junction called SURF CULTURE. You will be blown away at the number of boards in the shop. Its 3 levels of joy. Knucklehead Froggy, hasn’t got a sign up yet…so it’s 20 Bronte Road next to the Curry Connection. If you say you’re from Aquabumps you’ll get 25% OFF ANY WETTIE, or even better, buy a new board and get 50% OFF ANY WETTIE. So go see Froggy, tell him you’re a bumpster and score.

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